Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kele O_o kereke

Some things currently making me happy:
1) Bloc Party's frontman Kele Okereke has a solo project.
2) He's releasing electro-pop under the name Kele.
3) He has an album coming out in June.
4) The album is produced by motherfucking Hudson Mohawke. That's a really really good thing if you like beat music. I'll do a post on him sometime.

Here's his single, pretty badass stuff:

Tenderoni by keleokereke

I'm this happy just because I've been a big Bloc Party fan for a good while. They are by no means a perfect band (Silent Alarm was awesome, Weekend in the City less so, and Intimacy was a step up for sure), but what I love is that you can very clearly see the evolution of their sound; just like the Talking Heads (probably my favorite band). They're pretty similar, actually. Both start with a punk-influenced, more accessible sound, then (with the help of a frontman with a clear sense of musical direction, i.e. David Byrne or Kele) slowly move into the style that works best for them (funk for TH, electronic dance music for BP). Yes, Kele Okereke can be an awkward lyricist. But I stand by them all the way, and I'm looking forward to the new project!

P.S. along a similar note, Bloc Party's guitarist, Russell Lissack, has a side project too, called Pin Me Down, with singer Milena Selkirk. They have an album coming out soon. Sort of Silent-Alarm-ish, except way poppier, but it's still very guitar driven and punky. Good stuff.

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