Thursday, April 28, 2011

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no descriptions, because sometimes thats how i roll.

Whip My Hair (Willow Smith Cover) - James Vincent McMorrow (removed)
Sexy Party (Terravita Remix) - Tremourz, J. Rabbit
In The Beginning (Acapella) - Hool Bruckheimer


Monday, April 25, 2011

The Future Is Technicolor (Rich Aucoin, Terror Pigeon, Stepdad)

So this past weekend included what might be the pinnacle of all Fridays, ever (hence Rebecca^). Namely because my little, middle-of-nowhere Ohio college town was blessed by the presence of three giants: Rich Aucoin, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, and Gobble Gobble. If you've ever seen even one of these bands live, you'll know that all three of them playing on the same night wasn't just cathartic, it was borderline orgasmic.

If you read this blog, you already should know who Gobble Gobble is, and if you don't then would you kindly go and get all of their music for free? Oh yeah. They put it all on mediafire JUST FOR YOU. They are, in fact, that awesome.

On to the other folks:

Rich Aucoin is an electro-pop artist from Canada, and he's got a hell of a live show. It's interactive, energetic, and millennial-friendly: almost every song starts with a remixed or otherwise chopped-and-screwed viral YouTube video (Bed Intruder, Goat Talks Like A Man, etc.). It doesn't hurt that the man utterly SHREDS on that microkorg (and the vocoder!!!). I'm always impressed by live electronica acts that manage to achieve that perfect balance between energetic stage presence, singing, and actual technical skill. Seriously. He can do this vocoder melody, LIVE, fucking PERFECTLY:

PUSH - Rich Aucoin

Next up was The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, who absolutely killed. If Aucoin's set was interactive, theirs was borderline communal: frontman Neil Fridd invited everyone to put on a costume, and the singalongs were beautifully effortless. I didn't see him step out of the crowd once, he was so perfectly engaged the whole time. Left me singing the chorus to this song over and over again for the next three days...

[ride friendship.] by theterrorpigeon

Grab their album on David Byrne's (!!!!) label, Luaka Bop. Costs money but meh. So does food. And you can't live without that shit.

Then Gobble Gobble played, and fucking murdered as usual. But (for the aforementioned reason of posting too much about them on this blog) in their place I'm going to introduce a group that actually played with them on this tour, though at another show:

Stepdad is, to follow the theme we've got going here, a colorful, talented, and EPIC synthpop group with a taste for epilepsy-inducing myspace pages (see Gbl's for comparison, or Terror Pigeon's). They have an EP out called Ordinaire, and it only costs $1, though you can pay more if you like! Their debut album, Wildlife Pop (due out this May), is being produced by Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Les Savy Fav), which gains them automatic awesome points in my book. This is a video for the single "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails:"

Not only is this an incredibly epic video, the song itself is infectiously catchy. Grab it for free, courtesy of the band:

My Leather, My Fur, My Nails - Stepdad

This shit will get stuck in your head. Go get their EP, $1 is fuckin nothing for 8 awesome songs!!

Again: if you get ANY chance to see just ONE of these bands live, DO IT. Most life-changing, incredible live shows I've ever been to (Stepdad excepted, since I've never seen them. but they're probably awesome!)

Lobster out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Just some tracks that were sitting in the "Recently Added" section of my iTunes about a month ago. Would have uploaded this sooner but [LAZY]. w/e.

Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix) - Zero 7 feat. MF Doom

If you don't know DangerDoom, you need to. This isn't officially them, but for all intents and purposes it is. In my opinion, everything Danger Mouse touches (2nd Gorillaz album, The Good The Bad And The Queen, Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, and of course the infamous Beatles/Jay-Z mashup, The Grey Album <--- click that one) turns to gold. One of my favorite producers of all time. And MF Doom is one of my favorite rappers. So basically this track is awesome.

Last Night At The Jetty - Panda Bear

Of Animal Collective fame. Great solo stuff, from his record Tomboy, which came out recently and has since been in wide circulation (HINT). Psychedelic indie pop goodness.

French (Toro y Moi Remix) - Tyler, The Creator

Holy shit. Toro y Moi remixing Odd Future. Did NOT see that coming. Still, awesome track, good to see that Chaz Bundwick still uses a computer. Though this is (unsurprisingly) WAY darker than his earlier stuff. Check out Toro y Moi's new, slightly-more-acoustic album, Underneath The Pine. And check out Tyler's new video and single HERE. Original track and video HERE.

Never Say Never - Romeo Void

Old school. It's kinda like post-punk-pop.......ah, fuck it. It's 80's, it rocks, and the refrain is "I might like you better if we slept together." It's awesome.

The City - Darwin Deez

This is my jam. Really neat lo-fi indie-pop, with some epic fuckin syncopations. I intend to seek out more Darwin Deez, as should you. He has a self-titled album, which I will procure when I have the mean$ to do so, but for now grab this free live session he did for Daytrotter.

BONUS MUSIC VIDEO: Erykah Badu - Gone Baby Don't Be Long

Shit's been stuck in my head for like a month. :D Awesome video by Flying Lotus and Bleeple, who fucking rocks. Check him out.

Lobster out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

∆∆∆S3K8i7 2øÑ®ƒƒƒ

Tired? Listen to this

i'm really, really proud of this one. mostly chill music that works well for doing homework, falling asleep in the middle of the day, whatever. i'm quite pleased with it, especially since it was improvised. and the album artwork is cute. 

The I'm So Tired Mix
Pop Song - Baths
Places - Shlohmo
My Lightbridge - Mike Slott
Riot - Flying Lotus
Spring Textures - Shigeto
Tomato Squeeze - Shlohmo
College (Etherea Remix) - Animal Collective
Undeniable Bend - Cepia
Where We Used To Go (Shigeto Remix) - Part Timer


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

crustacean cognition exclusive remix of Radiohead

official press photo

Crustacean Cognition is pleased to present.... DangerStein.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bowser Rising

Jonwayne has a new album coming out.

It's called fucking BOWSER.

It'll be released on Alpha Pup on April 19th.

Here's the first single. It's free. It's fucking incredible.

This man does shit with chords you WISH you could do.

Jonwayne: Crumbled Luna by ALPHA PUP

Get pumped.

Lobster out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drink the Kool-Aid, Eat the Sundaes: GOBBLE GOBBLE at the Great Scott, 4/9/11 + goodies

this is the best i could do for photo-taking
The soreness i currently experience in my neck is the result of the massive amount of head-banging i did last night when i saw Gobble Gobble live for the first time. Although we have already done a concert review on these guys, i think they merit another one. Seeing GBL GBL is truly a cult experience; with mystical balloon figures, half naked band members in tutus and on stilts, samplers taped to shovels, tarps thrown over the audience... its pretty much madness. The show was only about 80 to 100 people, but everyone there raged their minds out. In Fjust a 30 minute set my friends and i went from somewhat comfortable to drenched in sweat, unable to speak, and generally exhausted (we got sundaes after though). With a great number of acoustic and electronic instruments, Cecil Frena and his fairy minions made a glorious cacophony of harmony, producing their anthemic glitched-out jams right before an audience. This is one show that you MUST see. I'm considering seeing them again tonight, if it weren't for all the reading i know i should be doing.

Goodie Bag:
Felix And The Mural (Baths Remix) - [Post-Foetus]
Marriage (Baths Remix) - Gold Panda
Alejandro (Skrillex Club Remix) - Lady Gaga
Mega (Schizofonics Remix) - Shizofonics
Watch Out - Doctor P


Friday, April 8, 2011


God I love teh interwebz. All this music, totally free, by the generous courtesy of the artists themselves. So goddamn it, appreciate this opportunity and GET SOME. Feed your hard drive, it's not full yet (ideally).

My favorite rapper on some fkn unicorn shit. These tracks are fire, seriously. Or, should I say, Siriusly...GET THIS TAPE! IT'S #1 FOR A REASON!

So Sirius - Zeroh

The man at his fucking best.

Old shit. But good. Incredible, in fact...if you don't have this, your hipster cred is severely lacking. Look out for this Odd Future Alpha Wolf's label debut, Goblin, sometime this year (the website ominously indicates May 10th). If you haven't seen this video, get on that shit:

More Golf Wang. But on a different vibe, this one more like that Weeknd mixtape we posted (coincidentally, Drake likes Frank Ocean too). Some smooth alt-R&B for ya cochleae. Looks like wolves really can sing. Awesome shit, with some epic genre mashing (i.e. guitars) a la B.O.B., but seeing as Tyler the Creator intends to have that particular fellow perish in an airplane crash, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to make that comparison. But seriously, get this tape. He's a damn good singer and a rather accomplished songwriter (he's written for Bieber and John Legend...admit that's some serious swag, even if you loathe those artists), and I think he's among the more underrated Golf Wangers. Also, he said in an interview that "Bluegrass is swag." So he's the shit.

Songs For Women - Frank Ocean

The Indigo Pyramid (Nigel One, 10th Letter, B$Q, eLan, Infinite Potentials, and of course Zeroh) are a badass international collective of beatsmiths. They put out another free tape before this one, which you can get HERE. They even have a REMIX TAPE! Meanwhile, you should get this one, because it's also the shit. Yay beat music! Truly our blog's favorite genre, just check out how many posts have that fucking label...

An older collection of beats by Jonwayne. Certainly not as polished as Doodles (his most recent release, which you can't find ANYWHERE legally...) production-wise, but it's certainly badass, and if anything it shows you where he came from stylistically (i.e. AWESOMELAND). Also, it's all made with an SP-404 and two synths (a moog and a casio), so he certainly deserves some gear-expertise cred. Definitely worth grabbing until something official gets released.

Pillz (jonwayne's drum circle) - Gucci Mane

Not actually on this tape, nor is it even on his recent joint, Remixes Are Things. But it should be. Because it's fucking awesome. "IZ YOU ROLLIN?!?!"

.....................bitch, I might be.

Lobster Out.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

el langosta:
Pillz (jonwayne joint) - gucci mane joint
so sirius - zeroh
blow - wolf acey the created

tomato smash - shlohmo
a coney island (of the mind) - ages
spring textures - shigeto (holy fuck!)

the mix patkins made
some sections are more improvisational than others, but it was all the tits when i made it
tracklist when i feel better

its the 420 320