Friday, April 8, 2011


God I love teh interwebz. All this music, totally free, by the generous courtesy of the artists themselves. So goddamn it, appreciate this opportunity and GET SOME. Feed your hard drive, it's not full yet (ideally).

My favorite rapper on some fkn unicorn shit. These tracks are fire, seriously. Or, should I say, Siriusly...GET THIS TAPE! IT'S #1 FOR A REASON!

So Sirius - Zeroh

The man at his fucking best.

Old shit. But good. Incredible, in fact...if you don't have this, your hipster cred is severely lacking. Look out for this Odd Future Alpha Wolf's label debut, Goblin, sometime this year (the website ominously indicates May 10th). If you haven't seen this video, get on that shit:

More Golf Wang. But on a different vibe, this one more like that Weeknd mixtape we posted (coincidentally, Drake likes Frank Ocean too). Some smooth alt-R&B for ya cochleae. Looks like wolves really can sing. Awesome shit, with some epic genre mashing (i.e. guitars) a la B.O.B., but seeing as Tyler the Creator intends to have that particular fellow perish in an airplane crash, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to make that comparison. But seriously, get this tape. He's a damn good singer and a rather accomplished songwriter (he's written for Bieber and John Legend...admit that's some serious swag, even if you loathe those artists), and I think he's among the more underrated Golf Wangers. Also, he said in an interview that "Bluegrass is swag." So he's the shit.

Songs For Women - Frank Ocean

The Indigo Pyramid (Nigel One, 10th Letter, B$Q, eLan, Infinite Potentials, and of course Zeroh) are a badass international collective of beatsmiths. They put out another free tape before this one, which you can get HERE. They even have a REMIX TAPE! Meanwhile, you should get this one, because it's also the shit. Yay beat music! Truly our blog's favorite genre, just check out how many posts have that fucking label...

An older collection of beats by Jonwayne. Certainly not as polished as Doodles (his most recent release, which you can't find ANYWHERE legally...) production-wise, but it's certainly badass, and if anything it shows you where he came from stylistically (i.e. AWESOMELAND). Also, it's all made with an SP-404 and two synths (a moog and a casio), so he certainly deserves some gear-expertise cred. Definitely worth grabbing until something official gets released.

Pillz (jonwayne's drum circle) - Gucci Mane

Not actually on this tape, nor is it even on his recent joint, Remixes Are Things. But it should be. Because it's fucking awesome. "IZ YOU ROLLIN?!?!"

.....................bitch, I might be.

Lobster Out.

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