Friday, July 29, 2011

Dat Bass #1

i love numbering posts. especially in this instance... bass. Bass is almost like a religion. You have your places of worship (anywhere with serious bass cannons) and you have those that preach (whoever is playing the music). You have your different religions, or ways of accessing it (beat music, dubstep, rock n roll, hip hop, whatever), you have your icons (the bass clef, subwoofer), and you have the essence of community - take Low End Theory as an example. You even have your agnostics/atheists/nonbelievers (like my mom), that refuse to listen to loud bass. See? Its like a religion.

When playing his huge set at Sasquatch this year, Bassnectar's speaker system cut out to just his monitors. There was obviously much booing and upset at the outage, but he urged us to pray to the Bass Gods instead. You could tell the crowd took it to heart, and they must have heard the prayers cause that shit was MASSIVE. Extended cheesy metaphors aside, many of the tracks posted to blog are posted with particularly notable basslines. The Dat Bass series is a place for these tracks. This is obviously not everything, which is why they are numbered... 

Lucid Waking - TOKiMONSTA
Oh man...DAT BASS

Teenage Crimes (Trumpdisco Remix) - Andrian Lux (dubstep)
You think you know how this track's gonna go, all pretty n shit. You even get an indication when dat bass sneaks in. But then....

Daughter - Magic Man
If you don't know Magic Man, and you like indie synth pop, then you really should. They go to my school (although i didn't know that till i already liked them), and they write really pretty music like this track. And of course...
DAT (catchy) BASS

A Coney Island (Of The Mind) - Ages
Theres a reason we've posted this before. The most calming shit ever. DAT BASS, its like its massaging your mind. This is definitely a stoner jam. Also, check out the rest of Ages' album Failures, its really good.

Line To Dot - TOKiMONSTA
i included this partially because it starts the same as the previous track - same key, same opening decending perfect fourth. Its great in its own right though, mostly due to DAT BASS

Don't Play No Game I Can't Win [Feat. Santigold] (Edit) - The Beastie Boys
Don't Play No Game I Can't Win (Major Lazer Beastie Remix Edition) - The Beastie Boys
Don't Play No Game I Can't Win (SebastiAn Remix) - The Beastie Boys
The original edit delivers DAT BASS with an awesome, reggae bassline, and is one of my favorite cuts from the Beastie Boys new album. Then Major Lazer does a moombahton flip of that shit (complete with airhorn), and its EVEN DANCIER than the original. And then SebastiaAn gives a big FUCK YOU with a gnarly french guitar synth. PS DAT BASS

Space Attack - Doshy
Remember Doshy? 8-bit dusbtep? Yeah. this shit whomps with DAT BASS

She's Deep - D33J
D33J. The newest [i think?] member of our favorite underground los angeles beat collective (WEDIDIT). D33J kills, in the most subtle ways possible. Play this on a proper system or in good headphones, when you are ready to slow jam on a cloud. Yeah. And then download everything he's done, you can find it on the Collective's site. DAT MAD CHILL BASS


ps no zip cause my internet is too slow..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/11 Wavelength of the Moment: Jonwayne x Lapti

Oh wow. I got this jam 24 hours ago and it has been on repeat pretty much ever since. The relentlessly groovy production job by Lapti (of Leaving Records) impresses the hell out of me: it's hip-hop, it's 80's space-funk, it's blues...this here's some of that future music, mane. And then jonwayne's verse just slays, possibly one of the best I've heard from him yet. Though his crooning (!) ain't half-bad either, it would seem...

Lapti x Jonwayne - Leaving home by Lapti


Lobster out.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


these, for those that don't know, are lobster traps
while El Langosta and I are treading water on that fancy mixtape we promised (and since i'm bored in maine) heres a post to keep us all going.

Where We Used To Go (Shigeto Remix) - Part Timer listen in a while, the melody is in the low bass. and that kick... so good
Dame Lo - Mexicans With Guns heavy
Dame Lo (Ernest Gonzales Remix) - Mexicans With Guns (fyi, ernesto gonzales IS mexicans with guns..)
Into The Sun, Out In The Cold - Shigeto chill
H.A.L. - SebastiAn  SebastiAn is the best. Gaslamp Killer likes to play this track, and so do i. HEAVY


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


So the Hit + Run Crew are a screenprinting and art outfit that fuck with all the trippy electronic/hip-hop/beat shit we love so dearly (we have 84 posts tagged with that label so far...swag), and they put on a SWEET show at the Echoplex last week. They did free, live screenprinting in the venue:
their mobile screenprinting setup: multiple screens on a rotating base. photocredit patkins
and we showed up early enough for free t-shirts and Jonwayne (!!!) mixes. Patkins and I (as well as our friend Azad, the Dr. Gonzo to our Hunter S. Thompson) were in attendance. Here's my recap of the night, with relevant tracks interspersed throughout.
The night opened up with the Dirty Bandits. They were solid, and a welcome surprise given their status as a drums-bass-guitar-vox band at a show full of laptop artists. Go check out their facebook, they've posted some tunes there. I may do more research on them, they were quite good.

After them came none other than the savior of my weeknights from 8p-10p P.S.T., KCRW's own Garth Trinidad. He had some technical difficulties at first (he was going all vinyl, though, so we forgive him), but once he got going he played a set of really interesting, eclectic house tracks, followed by a solid hip-hop set, which the crowd really got into (he even played Wu-Tang). He's probably one of the most influential music promoters in my life, as he provided my homework soundtrack for the entirety of senior year, and if you're ever listening to the radio late at night, during his show or not, tune into KCRW. Their late-night DJ's play really awesome shit, stuff you never hear on radio.
Then after his set, they announced that Blu, arguably one of the bigger names on the bill (and the explanation for why this was such a die-hard hip-hop crowd) would not be showing up. The crowd was visibly displeased, but most of them stuck around as far as I could tell.
Though the next act was hardly straight-forward hip-hop...Mono/Poly makes some fucked up shit. He has a very FlyLo-esque blend of trip-hop, dubstep, and jazz elements in his work, resulting in these incredibly trippy, heavy productions that boggle and delight. He's actually on FlyLo's label, Brainfeeder, and you should get his recent EP, Manifestations, HERE. One of my favorite joints of the year so far, from one of the scene's most underrated producers (imo).

Glow - Mono/Poly
Then, again shifting the focus from laptops and mixers to good old-fashioned instruments, Sun Araw played a set of hypnotic, layered, noise-drenched psychedelia. It was a bit loud for patkins, Azad, and much of the crowd, but I got really into it (it helped that I had been making psychedelic noise music with a friend lately, so I was sort of already in the mindset). Go check them out, I really dug them and will DEFINITELY be researching them, probably with a post in mind.

Crete - Sun Araw [Right-click/Save-as]
(( from their upcoming LP, Ancient Romans, on Sun Ark Records. WE TRIPPY ))

Phreax - Sun Araw & Matthewdavid

(( a collab track with Matthewdavid, who DESTROYED Low End Theory last night. This one's a bit more improvised and freeform than the stuff they played at the Echoplex, but it's still quite reminiscent of their sound...and TRIPPY ))

Suddenly we switched technology AGAIN, this time to Jonwayne and his mighty little SP-404. He took that little metal box and brought the fucking house down, launching bomb after bomb at us from his arsenal of neck-snapping, heavy, swagger-up-the-wazoo beats. This being my second time seeing him, I can now safely say he's one of my favorite beat scene artists to see live, he just destroyed the crowd and had the MOST ridiculous energy. He dropped a mixture of his own absurdly awesome productions, and even FREESTYLED (see photo below).

Read Velvet - Jonwayne

(( from his elusive beat tape, Doodles ))

and other huge bombs by such producers as Samiyam:

Cushion - Samiyam

(( from his debut LP, Sam Baker's Album, which I am on the verge of purchasing from Brainfeeder ))

and one of our blog favorites, Zeroh:

Shit's This Easy - Zeroh

(( from More Throwaways, which you can get for free HERE. One of the weirdest beats I've ever heard, but it DESTROYS on a proper system ))
the man freestyles. photocredit patkins
Anyways, Jonwayne is the shit. Get Bowser now from Alpha Pup, you will NOT regret that purchase.

Then another guy had volunteered to take Blu's spot, but we decided to dip. Also missed Elos, unfortunately, but we'd already had quite the night. One of the more eclectic shows I've been to, and I had a complete and utter blast at it. Really awesome music, solid crowd, plus I got a badass T-shirt and mix CD (by Jonwayne himself, which you can buy HERE if you'd like to just get the distilled atmosphere of this concert in one mix).

Support Hit + Run HERE, or by liking them on Facebook! I certainly did, after that tight of a show. Keep yr eyes open, they do shit around LA all the time.

-Lobster out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011



An Old Photo of Your New Lover (Baths Remix) by The One AM Radio

Also exciting: he's touring as his ambient sideproject Geotic, with this dude (The One AM Radio) and none other than JIMMY MOTHERFUCKING TAMBORELLO (aka Dntel, aka James Figurine, aka 50% of The Postal Service). If I could see that lineup live, I would. But I'm not gonna be able to. So you guys have to for me, k?



Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix) - Burial by shlohmo

And it's of fucking Burial, no less. Download it HERE. And get ready for his upcoming LP Bad Vibes, dropping in less than a month on Friends of Friends.

As you can tell, I'm giddy as fuck about this post, cuz these guys are probably my two most absolutely favorite artists of the past year or so. Hopefully you'll share in my enthusiasm when you hear dem trackz.

Lobster out.


Marvin's Room (Shlohmo's thru tha floor remix) - Drake by shlohmo

dude just sent drake into space. and the weeknd reposted it, which is kinda cool considering that drake fucks with them. I'm telling you, man. shlohmo is the shit. #badvibes


Zeroh + AshTreJinkins REDUX

Fun fact: patkins and I were at this show. It was nuts.

So, you may have heard that we love Zeroh the BlqBrd. One of the first posts we put on this fuckin blog was this little track called "parkbench," which featured killer lyrics and a brutal beat by AshTreJinkins.

parkbench (prod. ashtrejinkins) - Zeroh

Well, they just did a second take, for a new EP collab they have coming out. You know that fucking awesome bit at the end that fades out far too quickly? They fuckin looped it. And it sounds awesome. Zeroh is on point here.

Barkpench by Zeroh @blqbrd

This makes me real happy. Expect a writeup soon on Zeroh's recent mixtape, he's blowin up. Stay trippy.

Lobster out.

Monday, July 11, 2011

7/11/11 Wavelength of the Moment: A BUNCH O' SHIT

Oh what up. This day-month-year combo is crazy awesome.

Here's a sampler of what I've been digging lately, with links to larger acquisitions that I recommend you make. Some require money, some are free. Enjoy!

-El Langosta

Clipz - RL Grime

The newest addition to the illustrious WEDIDIT Collective, and MAN is he good. Absolute fucking fire. This shit is straight up future-crunk, my guess is they're finna be playin this in the clubs circa 2055.

Wide Open - Bastille

That's right, the boys over at the Mecca of EDM blogs, Apes With Barrels, have done it again. Sickest productions I've seen from them yet, and of course they're all disco house. Funky, fresh, and dancey as all hell. Can't help but get down to this.

Got Me Fucked Up ft. Nocando - Mexicans With Guns

Mexicans With Guns is an impressive fucking producer. He makes really neat dubstep/hip-hop/beat shit with a shitton of Latin influence (read: percussion up the wazoo, and even a quasi-moombahton track). Nocando burns it up on this joint.

Necromancy (Kuhrye-oo Remix) - Jessica Jalbert

Kuhrye-oo is no stranger to you if you've been to a Gobble Gobble show (he's the dude on stilts playing the SP-404 strapped onto a shovel). But when he's not dancing around like a maniac in a tutu, he makes gorgeous, ethereal indie-electronica. He chops breaks like no other. You need to check him out.

Dub For Cascadia - Loscil

Some chiller vibes. Got this mp3 from dublab about a year ago, and recently decided to purchase an album of his, First Narrows. Gorgeous ambient electronica.

Bowser I (Sigma Head) - Jonwayne

Patkins and I have been banging our heads non-stop to this heavyweight jam for the past month. Jonwayne is the most exciting producer of the past year, and there's so much more to come (including a rap album). If you don't have Bowser yet, you need to cop that shit. He also did a badass mix for the Hit + Run Crew, you need it. Those guys put on a killer show this past weekend that the wayniac pretty much singlehandedly destroyed, see this dude live if you get the chance.

Friday Night (Saturday Morning) ft. theadamstewart - Conscious & Tha Royal Bandit

Found these guys via The Young Crooks. It's hip-hop/rap. It's sick as hell. And it's from New Orleans. So you probably should get it.

Stumble - mndsgn

From the new mndsgn joint, NoMaps. This cat is probably one of my favorite beat producers, like, ever. Comes with bomb synths, groovy atmosphere, and swagger out the wazoo. Worth $8 and then some.

A Zip And A Double Cup (Remix) - Juicy J & Tity Boi

Shlohmo dropped this when we saw him at Low End a few weeks ago. WE TRIPPY MANE

Saturday, July 9, 2011

good summer tunes

okay, its summer time. lets get some summer tracks rockin on here. 

Night By Night (Kolt13 Ghetto Remix) - Chromeo

The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) - Passion Pit
Hell Yes. As disco-y as the original, and in a very tasteful way.

Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Remix) - Dune
I actually posted this once before, this is better quality. Sure to be a summer anthem in the dance world... prog. 

Hello (Enigma Dubstep Remix) - Martin Solveig
Speaking of dance anthems, here's one thats now a dubstep banger

VHS Nite (Starkey Remix) - BD1982
CRAYZY dubstep. youll know it. this is me and el langosta's JAM right now.

Standing Tears Apart (A1 Bassline Jump Up Summer Remix) - Remi Nicole
Okay, it says summer in the title. but its quite summery, its fucking FIDGET HOUSE, and its fucking awesome.

TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Crizzly Remix) - Justice

The Edge Of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix) - Lady Gaga
Porter Robinson delivers another certified banger. and lady gaga actually sings quite nicely on this track

How Low (Caspa Remix) - Ludacris

Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix) - CSS
The most gratuitously summer-oriented track i've ever heard... straight up HAPPY moombahton... happyton... love dillon francis.



Monday, July 4, 2011

New Mix from the man FLYING LOTUS

the sheet music from zodiac shit... what a boss.

With minimal fanfare, Flying Lotus put up Lover's Melt 2 up for download on his facebook page. Naturally, i haven't been able to download it yet because every other flying lotus fan in the world is trying to. however, he recommends that one share it with anyone that loves music, as all the tracks on there are perfect for summer and many are his all-time favorites.... which means it must be pretty epic.