Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zeroh + AshTreJinkins REDUX

Fun fact: patkins and I were at this show. It was nuts.

So, you may have heard that we love Zeroh the BlqBrd. One of the first posts we put on this fuckin blog was this little track called "parkbench," which featured killer lyrics and a brutal beat by AshTreJinkins.

parkbench (prod. ashtrejinkins) - Zeroh

Well, they just did a second take, for a new EP collab they have coming out. You know that fucking awesome bit at the end that fades out far too quickly? They fuckin looped it. And it sounds awesome. Zeroh is on point here.

Barkpench by Zeroh @blqbrd

This makes me real happy. Expect a writeup soon on Zeroh's recent mixtape, he's blowin up. Stay trippy.

Lobster out.

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