Friday, June 24, 2011


alright sorry i had such a long hiatus. finals, promotionals, flying, moving, whatever. it all happened, and it all got in the way of me being a productive blogger and allowed that chitinous crustacean curmudgeon take over the blog (which is originally his but).  SO, i'm going to make it up to you. 

 a seasonal harvest-sized, peasants-dancing-in-the-barn post of dubstep, house, a couple beat tracks and other electronic goodness (including MOOMBAHTON). Links aren't posted here, but rather if you follow THIS LINK you'll find a text file of this post with links attached.

luv yall

Electro/Electro House/Fidget House/House ~ ZIP
Enter Sandman - Herve vs Metallica | why the fuck not
Pussy of Glass - Kolt13 | See above
Banger (Torro Torro Remix) - AC Slater | a banger remix of Banger.. bangin
Gold (Mord Fustang Remix) - Fussy Boy | SPEAKING OF BANGERS
Mlevator Eusic - Back Jeats | STILL SPEAKING OF BANGERS
Nll Aight (Original Mix) - Back Jeats
Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix) - Mord Fustang
Milky Way (Original Mix) - Mord Fustang
Super Meat Freeze (Original Mix) - Mord Fustang | You WILL like MORD FUSTANG
Rainbow Road - Pance Party | From their free EP!!
Space Junk (Overwerk Remix) - Wolfgang Gartner | I didn’t think this song, or any gartner song for that matter, could be remixed. I was SO wrong.
One Kid (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Sleigh Bells, SHM) - Diplo | DO IT
Aqui Para Voce (DJ Manaia Remix) - Buraka Som Sistema | FIDGET HOUSE!!
Mega (Schizofonics Remix) - Schizofonics | SUPER FIDGET HOUSE
John Thursday (Ricorb’s Big Wednesday Edit) - Squires of Gothos | weird as FUCK but so jammin

Dubstep/DnB/Drumstep ~ ZIP
Gold Dust VIP - DJ Fresh | Everyone needs to have this in their library.
Retarded Shit (Original Mix) - Figure | GIMME SOME OF THAT RETARDED SHIT
Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix) - Amanda Blank
Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix) - B. Rich
Money (Cyberoptix Remix) - Borgore | kind awkward rapping, but SO worth it
Kontact Me (Siriusmo Remix) - Boys Noize | The man Siriusmo delivering a dubsteppy remix
Teach Me How To Dougie (Terravita Remix) - Cali Swag District | You ain’t fucking with Terravita’s dougie. SWAG.
Pink Elephants VIP - Daladubz
Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix) - Dreadzone | From UKF’s 2010 Compilation..
Zombies (VIP Edit) - Figure | Fucking cuts to the chase
Voscillate (Roksonix Remix) - Flux Pavilion
Paule - George Lenton | Hard to find stuff from this guy
Sexy Party (Terravita Remix) - Tremourz, J. Rabbit | to rip off of AwB, GOLDEN LOBSTER CLAW
Whip My Hair (Calvertron and Attic Kings Remix) - Willow Smith | another one

Hip-Hop/Moombahton/Pop ~ ZIP
FYC x Gruzen - Earl Sweatshirt
Molliwopped (prod. Weird Eye) - Earl Sweatshirt | Deep earl cuts
In The Beginning (Acapella) - Hool Bruckheimer | another one
Riverside (Moombahton Edit) - Dave Nada | Moombah. Where do YOU shake your ass?
Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Remix) - Dave Nada, Dillon Francis | you need to have this if you like moombahton
Just Fall (Dillon Francis Remix) - Heavyfeet, Hannah T | Dillon Francis is godly [moombahton]
Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix) Kito, Reija Lee | DILLON FRANCIS REALLY IS GODLY [Moombahton]
Alors On Danse (feat. Kanye West) - Stromae | If you like dancing. Even if you don’t like Kanye.
Lemme Smang It (Feat. Flynt Flossy) - Yung Humma | FUCK YEAH I’M SERIOUS

Beats/Club Music ~ ZIP
Angel In Disguise (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) - Brandy | nothing but bass. and vocals. and sexxx
The Offbeat - FLYamSAM | classy, classic
Disco Balls - Flying Lotus | FlyLo sawtooth synth jam
Paper Crane Gang - Flying Lotus | more jamming flylo
Home (Lorca Remix) - Zero 7
Underpurpled - Swede:art | really chill IDM shit
Turn it Up (Canblaster Remix) - Lorenzo Viktor
Line of Light (Canblaster Remix MEDLEY) - T&K | Canblaster is a boss.
Fruit (Baths Remix) - Rafter | Did anyone already have this one?


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