Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Death Cab

Really interesting production, reminds me of "Letter To My Son" by Bloc Party. I dig. Let's hope the rest of Codes and Keys is half this good, I'm tired of people shitting on Death Cab (however deservedly...the old stuff is undeniably better than Plans and Narrow Stairs).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yeah, I know. We suck. I was just on break for two weeks and didn't post shit (though to be fair I was sick and had slow internets). Patkins is currently on break, and although he's been doing better than me lately in terms of posting, he's also nowhere to be found. So now that I'm back at school, my illness has actually gotten worse, which means I have time...and good internet...and not much else to do. Reading for class? Pshaw.

These are things that you should download without hesitation. Their creators have given them away for free, so you should take advantage of these legal gifts. All fantastic.

Collection of mainstream rap remixes by LA beathead jonwayne, who's a dude to look out for this year. The rappers he chose are pretty much the polar opposites of blogosphere favorites OFWGKTA, seeing as they all mention Gucci at least once, I think, but jonwayne knows how to tailor his production to the individual rapper in every case, and the results run the gamut from ridiculous swagger (cf. his take on Gucci Mane's "My Chain") to sinister minimalist grooves (cf. his take on Drake's "Over"). The download includes some brief-but-on-point musings on remixing, as well as a bonus track with verses by the young wayniac himself, and he is not to be missed in that field either:

what's in a number anyways, except the data?
I'm tired of this life, been playin it since the beta,
I've found every glitch, I've found every niche that I belong to...

...get this.

Shlohmo posted this tape to his facebook page the other day. It's also been tweeted by Drake, who hails from the same city (Toronto) as Future-R&B producer/singer/songwriter(s?) The Weeknd. Dunno much about him/them, seeing as his/their tumblr is mostly just filled with tracks and black-and-white photos of chicks (mostly unclothed ones). But that makes perfect sense: this tape is a boner jam masterwork. It's R&B at heart, but the sonics are equal parts dubstep, hip-hop, electro, chillwave, and Low End Theory...hence why I dubbed it "Future" RnB, a label I've heard used only once before, regarding LandLord. The Weeknd is just as worthy of it, as you can tell from the following examples:

The Weeknd - High For This by The_Weeknd

The Weeknd - The Morning by The_Weeknd

...get this tape. Never heard anything quite like it...and it's damn cool.

3) Shlohmo - Places (Chopped And Screwed Remix)
Another gift from Shlohmo. This time actually made by him, in celebration of the explosive success of his recently-released EP, Places. Incredibly smooth sounds, all self-produced, no samples. This is a remix of the title track that feels like its been submerged in molasses, but it's still the shit. You can grab the original track at Pitchfork for a free taste of the EP, which you can (and's cheap) buy HERE via iTunes.

Basically, if you possess the mere capacity to download these gems you should. They're all fantastic. And if you don't, this past hour and a half has been wasted. Godspeed.

Lobster out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

monday quartet

four tracks to get your week going solid.


Now And Hereafter (TOKiMONSTA Remix) - Cornelia
almost put this in the TOKiMONSTA post, but i wanted it to get its own attention... so good, chill, and swedish-sounding.

Dangerous (Slugabed Remix) - Busta Rhymes
Exactly what it looks like it would be. Bump it.

4/3 Hurt - Hudson Mohawke
Oh, HudMo, you wiley dude. Fucking with time signatures and shit.

have a good one

ps happy π day - notice the time on this post... 3/14, 1:59? eh? eh?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dada Life - White Noise / Red Meat

if you haven't seen this yet... you may or may not rofl. swag.

White Noise / Red Meat - Dada Life


Friday, March 11, 2011

Various Assets, Not For Sale

Remember that Red Bull Music Academy comp i told you about? Well, i found it again just in time for the weekend. Its a giant compilation of collaborations from last years academy in London, with some names you might know (Hudson Mohawke, TOKiMONSTA, Modeselektor, Katy B) and others you might not. Either way its worth mining and listening! Below are tracks and artists to give you an idea. Download the zip HERE.

Part I
01. Flava D – Ragga Sun
02. Robin Hannibal & Jullian Gomes – I Need Your Love
03. J-Wow & Sui Zhen – River Song
04. Marco Passarani & Julian Gomes – Walking Down Tooley Street
05. 00Genesis feat. Oddisee – Jackin4beats Pt. 1
06. Hudson Mohawke, Robin Hannibal & Myele Manzana – Ain’t Nobody Like You
07. Lucrecia Dalt & Makes Pants – Too Much Light
08. Chester Lone Ranger
09. James Pant & Lucrecia Dalt – A Breezy Slide Into Hell
10. Ango feat. Katy B – Fireworks
11. Poirier feat. Hasan Hujariri – Loop 1
12. Space Dimension Controller – Hazeygalacticwonkafunk
13. 00Genesis feat. Tranqill – Jackin4beats Pt. 2
14. Andras Fox, Sui Zhen & James Pants – Touch-N-Talk
15. Osborne, Modeselektor, Ango, Akshin, Ad Bourke & Vlad Caia – Jacbob Has Arrived
16. TOKiMONSTA, Lunice & Swede:art – Alpenglow
17. A Lone Boy, An Oud, A Theremin & A Funky Dread – T M 2
18. Clinic & Sui Zhen – Tell Me Once
19. Bala – London Mantra

Part II
01. Kidkanevil feat. Oddisee – Jackin4beats Pt. 3
02. Kool Clap & Venice – Vitamine
03. Ross McHenry, Biel Nascimbeni,Myele Manzanza, Jakob Schneidewind, Katy B & Infestus – The Song
04. Jackmaster, Mau’lin, Markur & Tony Nwachukwu – UK Hunky
05. Lunice – Strahl
06. Master MP6-60 & Robim Hannibal – Rocking All Night
07. TOKiMONSTA feat. Andreya Triana & Oddisee – Jackin4beats Pt. 4
08. B. Bravo & Robin Hannibal – What’s It Gonna Be
09. Dam Funk – I Need 2 Know
10. Sergej Fresh, Tutu Sweeney, Andras Fox, DJ Klem & Sui Zhen – Told Me
11. Lucrecia Dalt & Hasan Hujairi – Mimbre
12. 00Genesis – Endless Ocean
13. Homeless Inc, Juan Son & Jakobn Schneidewind – Solo
14. 00Genesis feat. Tranqill – Jackin4beats Pt.5
15. Tony Nwachunkwu & Tutu Sweeny – Breathin’
16. Daisuke Tanabe feat. May Roosevelt – Cказка
17. Amenta & J-Wow – Like That
18. Dza feat. AD Bourke – Endless Wishes
19. Flava D – It’s So Hard
20. Biel Nascimbeni & Juan Son – Cucaracha Madness Mix
21. Minus – Calling Number
22. Hasan Hujairi & May Roosevelt – Improvisation No. 136253892

Thursday, March 10, 2011


not really though.
i have so much stuff to post that i'm trying to spread it out and not flood anybody with music - hence this nice little post of bangers..

Mord Fustang - Electric Dream
Progressive Electro house? YES PLEASE. Bang city.

Fuck The Police (Figure Bootleg) - NWA
The drop is like wtf? but then its like WTF!

Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo & Munchi Moombahton Edit) - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Because everyone needs some moombahton now and again

Blame Game (Calvertron Booty) - Kanye West
I can only stand him when his music has been converted into dubstep

Call My Name (Spencer & Hill Remix) - Sultan & Ned Shepherd
More prog house heheh

Untightled - Kasrave vs. Joy Orbison
Bass-heavy tech house? why the hell not?

Disregard Everything.piz


BONUS: this isn't in the zip, but...
Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) - Robyn
Nothing wrong with bonus dubstep. Especially from the pantheon of EDM gods

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gobble Gobble: Boring Horror 12" + TOUR!!!

Well look what we found in the CC inbox! Our frenetic glitch-synth indie-pop anthem superstar idols Gobble Gobble are have released a new 12" on vinyl and digital download. Called the Boring Horror 12", it includes bangers like Boring Horror and Eat Sun, Son as well as a handful of remixes and bonuses. You can order vinyl or buy it on iTunes, but the best part is the huge TOUR accompanying this release, with guests BRAIDS and BATHS in some places!(!!!!) Read El Langosta's review of the first concert of theirs he saw. If you still aren't convinced, I'll let some tracks talk you up.

Eat Sun, Son - Gobble Gobble
Boring Horror - Gobble Gobble

I'll be seeing them. What about you?



2/25 Kelowna, BC - Abbott House
2/26 Vancouver, BC - The Astoria
2/27 Roberts Creek, BC - Gumboots Garden Cafe
2/28 Abbotsford, BC - The Airfair Lounge
3/1 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey*^
3/2 Portland, OR - Holocene*^
3/3 Arcata, CA - The Jambalaya*^
3/4 San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop*^
3/5 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour*^
3/10 Houston, TX - Jet Lounge^
3/11 Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon^
3/12 Little Rock, AR - Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack^
3/14 Memphis, TN - Hi Tone Café^
3/15 McAllen, TX - Jagz^
3/16 Austin, TX SXSW - The Brixton
3/17 Austin, TX SXSW - The Independent, Austin Museum of Art
3/18 SXSW - Austin, TX Longbranch
3/19 Austin, TX SXSW - Tito's House, Club Deville
3/21 Oxford, MS - Cats Purring Dude Ranch
3/22 New Orleans, LA - Allways Lounge
3/23 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
3/24 Auburn, AL - Marion House
3/25-27 Tallahassee, FL - Total Bummer DIY Festival
3/28 Orlando, FL - Will's Pub
3/29 Savannah, GA - House Party
3/30 Atlanta, GA - The Drunken Unicorn
3/31 Athens, GA - Caledonia
4/1 Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor
4/2 Durham, NC - Motorco
4/3 Wilmington, NC - Gravity Records
4/4 Washington, DC - Red Palace
4/6 New Haven, CT - BAR
4/7 Philadelphia, PA - Barbary
4/8 New York, NY - Glasslands
4/9 Boston, MA - Great Scott
4/10 Allston, MA - Wadzilla
4/11 Troy, NY - Ground Zero
4/12 Winooski, VT - Monkey House
4/13 Ottawa, ON - Deckuf
4/14 Montreal, QC - Il Motore
4/15 Peterborough, ON - The Spill
4/16 Toronto, ON - Kapisanan Phillipine Cultural Centre
4/17 Guelph, ON - Van Gogh's Ear
4/18 London, ON - Castle Drum
4/19 Windsor, ON - The Phog
4/20 Grand Rapids, MI - Veto House
4/21 Ann Arbor, MI - Gumby House
4/22 Gambier, OH - The Horn Galleryz
4/24 Murfreesboro, TN - Trash Mountain
4/27 Chicago, IL - Schuba's
4/28 Madison, WI - Frequency
4/29 Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
4/30 Winnipeg, MB - Lo Pub
5/1 Saskatoon, SK - Caffe Sola

* with Braids
^ with Baths