Thursday, March 10, 2011


not really though.
i have so much stuff to post that i'm trying to spread it out and not flood anybody with music - hence this nice little post of bangers..

Mord Fustang - Electric Dream
Progressive Electro house? YES PLEASE. Bang city.

Fuck The Police (Figure Bootleg) - NWA
The drop is like wtf? but then its like WTF!

Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo & Munchi Moombahton Edit) - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Because everyone needs some moombahton now and again

Blame Game (Calvertron Booty) - Kanye West
I can only stand him when his music has been converted into dubstep

Call My Name (Spencer & Hill Remix) - Sultan & Ned Shepherd
More prog house heheh

Untightled - Kasrave vs. Joy Orbison
Bass-heavy tech house? why the hell not?

Disregard Everything.piz


BONUS: this isn't in the zip, but...
Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) - Robyn
Nothing wrong with bonus dubstep. Especially from the pantheon of EDM gods