Friday, May 27, 2011

Second Summer Mix

Sup, y'all.

A wise man once said, "free your mind and your ass will follow."

So I concocted a little mix of funky, booty-liberating electro-pop jams foy y'all.

Really proud of the transitions in this one.

Sorry for putting in so much Javelin, especially that one HEALTH remix that was in the last mix.

But I'm not sorry about the Depeche Mode.

The 80's rule, deal with it.

Dance, sucka.

1) The Girls - Calvin Harris
2) Hurricane Jane (The Twelves Remix) - Black Kids
3) Fancy Footwork (KOLT13 Murdaphunk Remix) - Chromeo
4) Rich Girls (Hemingway Remix) - The Virgins
5) Still Sound - Toro y Moi
6) Play A Slow Jam - Javelin
7) Cottonmouth - Sam Sparro
8) Leonard pt. 6 - Javelin
9) Bad Day (Javelin Remix) - Darwin Deez
10) In Heat (Javelin Remix) - HEALTH
11) Let Me Go - Heaven 17
12) Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Shit on my recent listening list. I'm just going to keep doing these until patkins gets off his ass and posts. Enjoy!

Radar Detector - Darwin Deez

I have been getting into Darwin Deez in a BIG way lately. Just got his self-titled album, and regardless of the mixed reviews, I can't help but love it. He makes lo-fi indie pop that's right up my alley: original but catchy melodies, poppy chord progressions but with regular detours into epic harmonic territory...check his shit out, dude!

Freaks and Geeks - Childish Gambino

Yeah, I now this is "in" right now, don't kill me. But the beat is fuckin great, and Donald Glover is a damn good rapper even if he's being more clever than anything else (Drake comparisons abound). But such gems as "I'm runnin this bitch/you are just a dog walker?" and "Took the 'g' out your waffle/all you got left is your ego?" certainly deserve props. Download Childish Gambino's EP for free HERE.

Radicals - Tyler, the Creator

...yeah, this is pt. 2 of a series entitled, "Our Blog Posts EXACTLY What You Expect It To." Say what you will about OFWGKTA and Tyler (musically or ethically) but they're blowing up in a big way...a kid at my school suggested they might be "the Sex Pistols of our generation," and this song sort of hits that particular nail on the head. Plus, it's got all the upper-middle-class white kids (myself included) chanting "KILL PEOPLE, BURN SHIT, FUCK SCHOOL," a sight I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

Forever (feat. Will.I.Am) - Wolfgang Gartner

This track was pretty divisive when it came out. All the EDM purists started calling Wolfgang a sell-out, which is kind of understandable, because fuck Will.I.Am. But then you listen to the track in question: it's accessible but well-made, it's still got that signature Gartner sound (obviously scaled down a bit for pop purposes), and Will.I.Am actually doesn't ruin it! But if you're just not into pop/electro house crossovers, feel free to ignore this one. I just think it deserves mention that someone cooler than David Guetta is getting big names on his shit.

Generation - Skanek

For those of you who hated the above track, this is for you: a healthy serving of some straight up, un-poppy, nasty-ass electro for all the heads out there. Got this from Daftwho?, who post heavy shit like this (plus lots of dirty dubstep jams if that's also yo thang) on the regular. ((WARNING: play this in your car IF AND ONLY IF you are driving in a zone where going 60+ mph is LEGAL))

Louder (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix)

And this one should please both crowds, except for that particular brand of EDM purists who just refuse to enjoy anything that sounds too much like "brostep." But fuck those guys. Genre aside, good music is good music. Also, it's influencing the mainstream in ways you can't even imagine... Anyways, this is actually one of my favorite Flux Pavilion productions: he and the Doctor just OWN that (crucial) balance between awesome, catchy chords and fucked-up, bassy noise. Pop dubstep/brostep at its best.

Hope y'all enjoy! Sorry for the long descriptions, obviously the tracks come first in case you don't want to read my wordvomit. I just like writin and shit.

Lobster out!

Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima - Krzysztof Penderecki

Penderecki can sound-paint catastrophe, fear, and horror like no other. Tonality's overrated anyways. This one's for the classical heads (I took a Musical Style/History course this past semester, deal), though you might recognize this from "The Shining" and "Children of Men."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hide yo young money...

...cuz there be some Young Crooks on the loose.

Hailing from the same isolated central Ohio college town as yours truly, The Young Crooks are three of the chillest dudes I've had the pleasure of meeting, and they make some badass pop music to boot. Their sound on the recently-released Phone EP could be described as a cocktail of Sublime's rap/reggae fusion, the Strokes' melodic sensibilities, and Darwin Deez's overall (lo-fi) aesthetic, but they're hardly just the sum of their influences. They have quite an original voice in their own right, thanks in no small part to Win Dunham's songwriting, which covers such themes as youth, ennui, loneliness, and lots and lots of hedonism (by way of alcohol, weed, ritalin, and acid, though the list certainly doesn't end there) with an impressively nimble sense of wit and lyricism.

But for all their immature content, Dunham tells these stories with a sort of resigned nostalgia and self-consciousness that manages to steer clear of one-dimensional irony. His writing stays mature and honest throughout, but not without a keen sense of humor: the EP opens with the words, "I used to give a fuck, but/lately I've been givin up/and I gotta say I feel fine/molly and red wine," and you're not quite sure whether he's being entirely sincere when he slyly croons, "we're just dumb kids anyway" in (my personal favorite) "Today."

You can grab the whole EP for free at their Bandcamp, and I would highly suggest you do so. It's fun, catchy, and smart, and you know you love the feeling of downloading free music without that feeling of corrosive guilt eating away at your sense of self-respect.

~ GO GET IT! ~

Lobster out.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


no, it's not inspired by "paranormal activity"


Geotic is the blissful ambient side-project of Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths/[Post-foetus], who (if we haven't yet beaten you to death with the fact) has been one of our favorite artists of the past year.

He's been kind enough to post the whole Geotic discography online for free, though if you have any you should throw some ¢a$h at the DONATE button, lord knows this man of all people deserves it.

To celebrate 20,000 (!!!) likes of the Baths facebook page, he posted a new EP, Bless the Self, so you should go get it!

(though my personal recommendations are Realms, Winter Loops, and/or Eyes)

Lobster out.

Friday, May 20, 2011


come party with these folks. it'll be totally legit.

Because patkins obviously hasn't unpacked after getting home from college, I present to you:


A lovingly curated compilation of laptop-crafted 21st-century jams, leaning towards the electronic/colorful/poppy side of things, this mix should serve as the ideal soundtrack to the neo-pagan post-rave bacchanalia of the future, after the bombs have stopped falling and the human race has re-emerged from hiding to rebuild...and party. Also reflects the ecstatic mood of early summer break. The focus here was more on track selection than super-impressive translations (and at the end I sort of just gave up, as you'll see), but I did my best.

Check our archives/artist labels (on the right side of the page) if you hear something you like and want more. I can safely say I've been listening to every one of these artists WAY too much recently. :D

1) The Upside - LandLord
2) All This Evil - Newman Wolf
3) End of Days - Gobble Gobble
4) Wherever We Are - Human Life
5) Folds In Your Hands - Passion Pit
6) Talamak - Toro y Moi
7) In Heat (Javelin Remix) - HEALTH
8) Cathode Drama - Exeter
9) My Leather, My Fur, My Nails - Stepdad
10) Lawn Knives - Gobble Gobble
11) Over (jonwayne's analog world) - Drake
12) Pillz (jonwayne's drum circle) - Gucci Mane
13) Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix) - Shlohmo
14) Eat Sun, Son - Gobble Gobble

Lobster out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


oh hot damn.

So we can still claim to be a blog that posts at least ONCE a week, here are some jamz for y'all. As to be expected from us, there's something here for everybody...but we really really like electronic music. (patkins is on a classic american folk binge, so hopefully he'll share some of that with us soon if that's more your thing)


~ ~ ~

Levels - Avicii

If you know the name Avicii, you're probably a fan of ANTHEMIC HOUSE MUSIC. Well, this one's getting a lot of love lately, so I figured it was worth a repost. Nice to see progressive house getting attention, despite its often..."flamboyant" nature. Grabbed this from Crescendo and Drop, go "Like" those guys if you've got facebook, they pump baller music straight to your newsfeed on the daily.

Cathode Drama - Exeter

This one's a neck-breaker. Absolutely killer beat from Exeter, found this one over at Unholy Rhythms, who import quality music into your tumblr feed on the semi-daily. See, we've got something for everybody!

Hold It Against Me (Radiex Remix) - Britney Spears

Trippy, sonically colorful dubstep in the vein of Skrillex. Interestingly, all of Radiex's album artwork (and his name, in fact) seems pretty similar to Skrillex. But he's a damn good producer, so I'll let it slide.

Stylo (Labrinth Remix ft. Tinie Tempah) - Gorillaz

Gah. Incredible remix. The intro is a bit meh, but that drop just slays you with pure swagger. And lord knows I love me my Gorillaz. Also found this at Crescendo and Drop.

Da Art Of Storytellin (Asura Remix) - OutKast

Really neat experimental hip-hop remix of OutKast by Asura. Go grab his FREE album Unreleasables, and then go buy the new EP he released under his own name (Ryan York), Zipperlegs. One of my favorite producers, he just crafts such gorgeous soundscapes.

Lobster out.