Friday, May 20, 2011


come party with these folks. it'll be totally legit.

Because patkins obviously hasn't unpacked after getting home from college, I present to you:


A lovingly curated compilation of laptop-crafted 21st-century jams, leaning towards the electronic/colorful/poppy side of things, this mix should serve as the ideal soundtrack to the neo-pagan post-rave bacchanalia of the future, after the bombs have stopped falling and the human race has re-emerged from hiding to rebuild...and party. Also reflects the ecstatic mood of early summer break. The focus here was more on track selection than super-impressive translations (and at the end I sort of just gave up, as you'll see), but I did my best.

Check our archives/artist labels (on the right side of the page) if you hear something you like and want more. I can safely say I've been listening to every one of these artists WAY too much recently. :D

1) The Upside - LandLord
2) All This Evil - Newman Wolf
3) End of Days - Gobble Gobble
4) Wherever We Are - Human Life
5) Folds In Your Hands - Passion Pit
6) Talamak - Toro y Moi
7) In Heat (Javelin Remix) - HEALTH
8) Cathode Drama - Exeter
9) My Leather, My Fur, My Nails - Stepdad
10) Lawn Knives - Gobble Gobble
11) Over (jonwayne's analog world) - Drake
12) Pillz (jonwayne's drum circle) - Gucci Mane
13) Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix) - Shlohmo
14) Eat Sun, Son - Gobble Gobble

Lobster out.

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