Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adult Swim - [unclassified]

Those wonderful people at Adult Swim along with Scion A/V have released another compilation of unreleased/rare/baddass music from the tv series. The compilation includes people like SBTRKT, Starkey, Burial, Kode9 and other bass/garage/2-step/dubstep/post-dubstep type artists. 18 tracks in all, and completely free for download HERE. I highly recommend it to you. I'm only now beginning to get into garage/2-step/UK dance stuff, and this comp has some excellent tunes along those lines. I mean, this SBTRKT trk, for example (what i did there):

Bump this shit.


This kid thinks he's Flying Lotus

I think I'm FlyLo by Lil Z x OtrosCosmosis


Lobster out.

. . . . . . . .

...I wanted that to be the entire post, but then I peeped this track:

Belly Beat by Zack Sekoff

Zack Sekoff is a 15-year old producer from Los Angeles, California, whose dream is to play Low End Theory before he's 18, which may not be a wholly unreasonable feat if he keeps pumping out shit like this. His sound's certainly got some room to grow, but then again I wasn't remixing Bilal at 15.

Oh yeah, he also raps:

Stream of Conciousness (Liborator) by Zack Sekoff

Now I can't say he's my favorite lyricist (yet), but any high schooler who's on a Brainfeeder tip and writes lines like "doin big things / Nicki Minaj's ass" is good in my book. Keep your eyes on this kid.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Various Swag via WEDIDIT

"What Im On" is a video triptych of hip-hop at its most bizarre.

Compiled by Melonious Drunk of the illustrious WEDIDIT Collective. Go browse their wares, they make killer music.


Lobster Out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/20/11 Wavelength of the Moment: NEW WAYNIAC

The man's unstoppable. Keeps handing out free shit like it's candy. And it's all quality to boot. Make sure you get the tapes at the bottom of this post.

Peep deez wares:

Really impressive rework of a Slidecamp jam:
Slidecamp: Geometer (Jonwayne Remix) by ALPHA PUP

A chilled-out rap joint featuring blood hungry brother (and WEDIDIT cohort) Zeroh the Blqbrd:
Experiment 17 (jonwayne is a secret spy) by jawnwayne

A superfluously heavy entry for a recent beatmaking competition:
Jonwayne - F#$%STICK. by jawnwayne

Oh yeah, and how about this free rap mixtape he just decided to give away for free?

Or if you're really more into beats than rhymes, it's not like he also gave away an instrumental tape last month or anything...

~ Jonwayne - Thanks, Bro ~
(alt link for a .zip over at Dublab)

Aaaaaaaand then there's this new Death of Andrew LP in the works for Alpha Pup. Peep the album art below, and get amped for October 25th.

If you want more instrumental goodness, Go buy his opus Bowser from Alpha Pup.

This cat is doing big things. Don't sleep.

Lobster out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Return to the Interstellar Plane

Hello out there! Here i am, floating back from the depths of space to make my return to the blog. I've missed you, and i've been listening to lotsa thangs. Heres a dump of tracks for.. well.. listening. Look for the zip, and a special video gift at the end...

Session Cats - Flying Lotus

From the 2006 demo tape, super hip-hoppy and dilla-y (?). Comin out of nowhere, FlyLo

Party Animal - Hudson Mohawke
NEW HUDSON MOHAWKE. HudMo gives Gucci Mane a whole new context with this lovely little party starter. This is from Pleasure Principle, a limited vinyl-only release with a handful of pop remixes. If you can get your hands on it, I highly suggest you do.

Latenight - TOKiMONSTA
From Bedtime Lullabies, came out in 2008. If you can tell me in the comments which more recent song samples this one, i'll give you a prize....

Safari Disco Club - Yelle
You gotta love the intro to this song... and the whole song. Even though i can't quite understand what Yelle is saying (read: its in french), i'm taken away by the synth dance pop.

Hairy Candy - Tobacco
Tobacco is one member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, an all-analog psychedelic group. They remind me a little of the rolling stones, but even more synths... glorious

Forever Heavy - Black Moth Super Rainbow
I mentioned these guys above. Look at their name. You know you have to hear this.

That Girl (Salva Remix) - Pharell Ft. Snoop Dogg
Salva gives the treatment. Somewhat minimal but as such super clean. Salva does some really great shit with his percussion in this track.

Transmission - Terracotta Blue
Submitted to us! Pretty neat, especially the out-of-time sounds towards the end. Its like beat music meets chillwave.

Hot N Cold (Yelle Remix) - Katy Perry

Cruel - St. Vincent
On a different note - some new St. Vincent. If you don't know St. Vincent, you should definitely check her out - there is some beautiful musicmaking going on here.



Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJNBfBr-OGU&feature=player_embedded

You will laugh.

9/18/11 Wavelength of the Moment: Some Ghettotech

I got this track on XL8R in April, and I rediscovered it latey and have been listening to it a lot. It's a jukey, hyperactive take on a Lil Scrappy track, and it turns out that mid-oughts Atlanta crunk translates pretty well into some double-time dancefloor swag. All hail Kaptain Cadillac.

[Download:] Look At Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) - Lil Scrappy


[Download:] Pumpz - Salva & Vortex
Some shit in a similar vein, courtesy of Friends of Friends jukemaster Salva. Got this at XLR8R as well.

One to Love - Rain Dog

Another XLR8R gem, this time from Rain Dog. Absolutely beautiful track, reminds me of Geotic, but with some chopped-up post-dubstep in the mix. Go pay whatever you want to download his EP, it's friggin gorgeous.

[Download:] Ass-N-Titties - DJ Assault

And here's some OG Ghettotech for yo ass. Detroit dance music in the 90's was a strange and beautiful thing.

As you probably gleaned, the moral of this post is that you should probably read XLR8R. They consistently post the most amazing, diverse, and forward thinking sounds in electronic music today, and we love them here at CC. So go check their site out. SOOOOO much free shit.

Lobster out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/14/11 Wavelength of the Moment: New James Blake

Sorry I'm posting so incessantly. Patkins is AWOL so I'm basically the blog for now, and that doesn't mean that we should lower our productivity.

There's a new James Blake track in circulation. I'm really digging this song, that groove at the end reminds me a bit of "The Zone" by future-rnb champions The Weeknd and Drake. Really impressive shit.

Found this over at Live For The Funk, who we are (okay, who I am) currently nuts about. They have their finger on some of the most exciting sounds of the moment, and I seriously recommend that you "follow" their twitter and/or "like" their facebook page as you see fit. Or at least just go over and browse for a little, you will come away with some badass new music.


Lobster out.

~ ~ ~

¡¡ BONUS: !!
The Zone - The Weeknd ft. Drake

From Abel Tesafaye's most recent mixtape, Thursday, which impressed me so much that a month later I still plan to review it. But I always say that, don't I? Better stop making all these lil posts and get my longform on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

D33J gets D33P: an Introduction

You need to get into D33J.

I'll confess, I've been sleepin on this dude. Or half-awake, rather: I've actually been listening to his music for a while now, as he's a member of L.A.'s WEDIDIT Collective (whom we follow pretty devotedly). But for whatever reason, most likely my distraction with various other sounds, I never really had that "a-ha!" moment.

Until the other day. I put on my headphones for the walk to my 9am class, played this jam, and boom:

She's Deep - D33J

The name's apt–this is a deep tune. But that swaggy little eighth-note figure is what really got me. And I'd never really noticed the vocals before: ghostly, reverb-washed melodies floating like clouds over an ocean of liquid obsidian.

Many of his tunes evoke a similar vibe: deep, calming, trippy, and chilled-out all at once. He's also a genre-bender, which is nice–his productions incorporate every imaginable influence from experimental Low End Theory beat shit to R&B to hip-hop to whatever the fuck Baths and Gold Panda are...there's even some motherfucking chillwave in there.

And yet, from these seemingly disparate genres, he manages to pull together the most gorgeous, ethereal, and serene sound.

So in case you didn't figure this out already, the general aim of this post is to get you into D33J. Here's some shit that might help:

That's his EP. It's free. You should get it.

Marvin's Room (D33J Remix) - Drake

Y'all know how much we loved that Shlohmo remix of the same tune, but D33J's take on Drake holds a special place in my heart as well.

Mooon - D33J

A gift for reaching 600 "likes" on Facebook. Awesome track, those guitars really get me.

Sleeping Out (Lotide Remix) - D33J

A remix of a remix, actually–San Diego's Lotide takes D33J's woozy, chilled-out flip of the Postal Service's "Sleeping In" and sends it into another dimension of experimental beat heaven.

Then there's this mix he did for Live For The Funk (one of my absolute favorite blogs nowadays), which may be one of the best artist mixes I've heard in quite some time. Seriously. Absolutely beautiful track selection, an incredibly deep/chill aesthetic vibe, and with killer transitions to boot! You need this mix.


Read the accompanying interview with LFTF HERE to learn more about this dude.

Go "like" the man on Facebook to keep in touch.

And get everything in this post. I mean it.

Lobster out.

Friday, September 9, 2011

9/9/11 Wavelength of the Moment: NEW BORN GOLD (GOBBLE GOBBLE)

Cecil Frena's future-apocalypto-pop project Born Gold (until now known as Gobble Gobble) just released another track from their debut LP, Bodysongs, which comes out in little more than a week (Sept. 20) via Hovercraft (their collective with Purity Ring and Kuhrye-oo) and Crash Symbols. I preordered that shit on vinyl, so I'm lucky enough to be downloading the mp3's as we speak. That means a review is coming, so GET READY.


For fans of "Lawn Knives," arguably their "hit" thus far, "Decimate Everything" is gonna sound pretty familiar. It's in a similar tonality, at a similar tempo, and even the wordless croon of the hook isn't all that different. But there's a hell of a lot more intricacy to the production on this one, and it incorporates some really neat switches between dancey techno and two-steppy half-time.

So you get the point. Get the track, go preorder the vinyl if you can't wait two weeks for the mp3's (you now get an instant download if you grab the wax) and accept Born Gold as your new deity. Or just "like" them on Facebook.

Born Gold - Decimate Everything


That Way - Born Gold

Love this one. Dark, deep, and driving, with more than a sprinkling of house influence. Who cares if "Decimate Everything" sounds like "Lawn Knives," they've never done ANYTHING like this track.

Alabaster Bodyworlds - Born Gold

Updated take on some classic Gbl.

(( also, you can now like Crustacean Cognition on Facebook! GO DO THAT SHIT!! ))

Saturday, September 3, 2011

9/3/11 Wavelength of the Moment: ¡¡¡CHUPACABRA!!!

Mexicans With Guns is the shiznit. This track goes harder than H.A.M., so to quote Mr. Gonzales himself, "turn your system up and just fucking press play."

\\ChupaCabra\\ by mexicanswithguns

Lobster out.


2 free tracks from Toro y Moi, in anticipation of his upcoming Freaking Out EP, which I'm kind of, well, freaking out about. Super funky.

"All Alone"

"Saturday Love"