Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/20/11 Wavelength of the Moment: NEW WAYNIAC

The man's unstoppable. Keeps handing out free shit like it's candy. And it's all quality to boot. Make sure you get the tapes at the bottom of this post.

Peep deez wares:

Really impressive rework of a Slidecamp jam:
Slidecamp: Geometer (Jonwayne Remix) by ALPHA PUP

A chilled-out rap joint featuring blood hungry brother (and WEDIDIT cohort) Zeroh the Blqbrd:
Experiment 17 (jonwayne is a secret spy) by jawnwayne

A superfluously heavy entry for a recent beatmaking competition:
Jonwayne - F#$%STICK. by jawnwayne

Oh yeah, and how about this free rap mixtape he just decided to give away for free?

Or if you're really more into beats than rhymes, it's not like he also gave away an instrumental tape last month or anything...

~ Jonwayne - Thanks, Bro ~
(alt link for a .zip over at Dublab)

Aaaaaaaand then there's this new Death of Andrew LP in the works for Alpha Pup. Peep the album art below, and get amped for October 25th.

If you want more instrumental goodness, Go buy his opus Bowser from Alpha Pup.

This cat is doing big things. Don't sleep.

Lobster out.

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