Sunday, September 18, 2011

9/18/11 Wavelength of the Moment: Some Ghettotech

I got this track on XL8R in April, and I rediscovered it latey and have been listening to it a lot. It's a jukey, hyperactive take on a Lil Scrappy track, and it turns out that mid-oughts Atlanta crunk translates pretty well into some double-time dancefloor swag. All hail Kaptain Cadillac.

[Download:] Look At Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) - Lil Scrappy


[Download:] Pumpz - Salva & Vortex
Some shit in a similar vein, courtesy of Friends of Friends jukemaster Salva. Got this at XLR8R as well.

One to Love - Rain Dog

Another XLR8R gem, this time from Rain Dog. Absolutely beautiful track, reminds me of Geotic, but with some chopped-up post-dubstep in the mix. Go pay whatever you want to download his EP, it's friggin gorgeous.

[Download:] Ass-N-Titties - DJ Assault

And here's some OG Ghettotech for yo ass. Detroit dance music in the 90's was a strange and beautiful thing.

As you probably gleaned, the moral of this post is that you should probably read XLR8R. They consistently post the most amazing, diverse, and forward thinking sounds in electronic music today, and we love them here at CC. So go check their site out. SOOOOO much free shit.

Lobster out.

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