Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This kid thinks he's Flying Lotus

I think I'm FlyLo by Lil Z x OtrosCosmosis


Lobster out.

. . . . . . . .

...I wanted that to be the entire post, but then I peeped this track:

Belly Beat by Zack Sekoff

Zack Sekoff is a 15-year old producer from Los Angeles, California, whose dream is to play Low End Theory before he's 18, which may not be a wholly unreasonable feat if he keeps pumping out shit like this. His sound's certainly got some room to grow, but then again I wasn't remixing Bilal at 15.

Oh yeah, he also raps:

Stream of Conciousness (Liborator) by Zack Sekoff

Now I can't say he's my favorite lyricist (yet), but any high schooler who's on a Brainfeeder tip and writes lines like "doin big things / Nicki Minaj's ass" is good in my book. Keep your eyes on this kid.

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