Tuesday, September 13, 2011

D33J gets D33P: an Introduction

You need to get into D33J.

I'll confess, I've been sleepin on this dude. Or half-awake, rather: I've actually been listening to his music for a while now, as he's a member of L.A.'s WEDIDIT Collective (whom we follow pretty devotedly). But for whatever reason, most likely my distraction with various other sounds, I never really had that "a-ha!" moment.

Until the other day. I put on my headphones for the walk to my 9am class, played this jam, and boom:

She's Deep - D33J

The name's apt–this is a deep tune. But that swaggy little eighth-note figure is what really got me. And I'd never really noticed the vocals before: ghostly, reverb-washed melodies floating like clouds over an ocean of liquid obsidian.

Many of his tunes evoke a similar vibe: deep, calming, trippy, and chilled-out all at once. He's also a genre-bender, which is nice–his productions incorporate every imaginable influence from experimental Low End Theory beat shit to R&B to hip-hop to whatever the fuck Baths and Gold Panda are...there's even some motherfucking chillwave in there.

And yet, from these seemingly disparate genres, he manages to pull together the most gorgeous, ethereal, and serene sound.

So in case you didn't figure this out already, the general aim of this post is to get you into D33J. Here's some shit that might help:

That's his EP. It's free. You should get it.

Marvin's Room (D33J Remix) - Drake

Y'all know how much we loved that Shlohmo remix of the same tune, but D33J's take on Drake holds a special place in my heart as well.

Mooon - D33J

A gift for reaching 600 "likes" on Facebook. Awesome track, those guitars really get me.

Sleeping Out (Lotide Remix) - D33J

A remix of a remix, actually–San Diego's Lotide takes D33J's woozy, chilled-out flip of the Postal Service's "Sleeping In" and sends it into another dimension of experimental beat heaven.

Then there's this mix he did for Live For The Funk (one of my absolute favorite blogs nowadays), which may be one of the best artist mixes I've heard in quite some time. Seriously. Absolutely beautiful track selection, an incredibly deep/chill aesthetic vibe, and with killer transitions to boot! You need this mix.


Read the accompanying interview with LFTF HERE to learn more about this dude.

Go "like" the man on Facebook to keep in touch.

And get everything in this post. I mean it.

Lobster out.

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