Friday, July 29, 2011

Dat Bass #1

i love numbering posts. especially in this instance... bass. Bass is almost like a religion. You have your places of worship (anywhere with serious bass cannons) and you have those that preach (whoever is playing the music). You have your different religions, or ways of accessing it (beat music, dubstep, rock n roll, hip hop, whatever), you have your icons (the bass clef, subwoofer), and you have the essence of community - take Low End Theory as an example. You even have your agnostics/atheists/nonbelievers (like my mom), that refuse to listen to loud bass. See? Its like a religion.

When playing his huge set at Sasquatch this year, Bassnectar's speaker system cut out to just his monitors. There was obviously much booing and upset at the outage, but he urged us to pray to the Bass Gods instead. You could tell the crowd took it to heart, and they must have heard the prayers cause that shit was MASSIVE. Extended cheesy metaphors aside, many of the tracks posted to blog are posted with particularly notable basslines. The Dat Bass series is a place for these tracks. This is obviously not everything, which is why they are numbered... 

Lucid Waking - TOKiMONSTA
Oh man...DAT BASS

Teenage Crimes (Trumpdisco Remix) - Andrian Lux (dubstep)
You think you know how this track's gonna go, all pretty n shit. You even get an indication when dat bass sneaks in. But then....

Daughter - Magic Man
If you don't know Magic Man, and you like indie synth pop, then you really should. They go to my school (although i didn't know that till i already liked them), and they write really pretty music like this track. And of course...
DAT (catchy) BASS

A Coney Island (Of The Mind) - Ages
Theres a reason we've posted this before. The most calming shit ever. DAT BASS, its like its massaging your mind. This is definitely a stoner jam. Also, check out the rest of Ages' album Failures, its really good.

Line To Dot - TOKiMONSTA
i included this partially because it starts the same as the previous track - same key, same opening decending perfect fourth. Its great in its own right though, mostly due to DAT BASS

Don't Play No Game I Can't Win [Feat. Santigold] (Edit) - The Beastie Boys
Don't Play No Game I Can't Win (Major Lazer Beastie Remix Edition) - The Beastie Boys
Don't Play No Game I Can't Win (SebastiAn Remix) - The Beastie Boys
The original edit delivers DAT BASS with an awesome, reggae bassline, and is one of my favorite cuts from the Beastie Boys new album. Then Major Lazer does a moombahton flip of that shit (complete with airhorn), and its EVEN DANCIER than the original. And then SebastiaAn gives a big FUCK YOU with a gnarly french guitar synth. PS DAT BASS

Space Attack - Doshy
Remember Doshy? 8-bit dusbtep? Yeah. this shit whomps with DAT BASS

She's Deep - D33J
D33J. The newest [i think?] member of our favorite underground los angeles beat collective (WEDIDIT). D33J kills, in the most subtle ways possible. Play this on a proper system or in good headphones, when you are ready to slow jam on a cloud. Yeah. And then download everything he's done, you can find it on the Collective's site. DAT MAD CHILL BASS


ps no zip cause my internet is too slow..

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