Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zeroh Tolerance

This jam is the work of an awesome Hip-Hop/Electronic producer and MC known simply as 0. (or “Zeroh”), a member of the LA-based WEDIDIT Collective, whose latest success Shlohmo you’ve probably heard of if you follow the L.A. Beat scene.

parkbench (prod. AshTreJinkins) – 0.

Really impressive production by 18-year-old AshTreJinkins, though I wish that awesome three-bar bit at the end would last longer... Either way: deep kicks, godly handclaps, and that smooth vocal sample just make this a simply beautiful piece of glitch-hop-tronica (new genre name? I think we need one for all this stuff…). I'm definitely looking into his shit.

Then there’s 0. I just downloaded his ennui beattapes, and MAN is this dude impressive. About half his stuff is just this trippy live-electronics stuff, glitchy as fuck but with the same hip-hop influence underneath it all. Then he starts rapping, and the hypnotic awesomeness just triples. AMAZING flow and lyrics.

He did three beattapes for WEDIDIT, each one produced in a week, and the results are fantastic and diverse. I suggest you cop that shit.

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