Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Late Night Tuneage

It is 3:33am Eastern Standard Time, and I am awake. My internal clock is all fucked because I'm on a college tour and have had to wake up at ungodly hours to get on planes and stuff. So when I got back to my aunt's house today, I ate dinner and took a six-hour nap. So here we are.
When in these sorts of situations, there's pretty much nothing to do except listen to, write about, and share a ton of music. And that's what we're doin today.

Firstly. Dunian is a hip-hop/electronic producer, and he makes awesome music. That's all I know about him, found out via the WEDIDIT Collective. Here's a track off his epynomous EP:

Mind Body Mind – Dunian

Spacey, thick, psychadelic production, awesome sampleage, and THICK drum/handclap sounds. Really great stuff. He posted the EP itself on his myspace. It's free, it's art, so go get it.

[I'm currently searching for an appropriate genre name for this hip-hop/electronic stuff, e.g. Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing and all the Brainfeeder/Low End Theory crew... "hip-hop" works, but doesn't really capture the glitch/electronic aspect of the stuff any suggestions? I think the kids call it "beat music" for the most part...]

Next stop: ELECTRONIC POP MUSIC!! Because sometimes you just want to forget how much the 80's sucked and just DANCE. Javelin are a sampler-happy outfit from Brooklyn, with a taste for the 80's and badass grooves. Dublab just posted a Sprout Session of theirs, give it a listen. And here's a video of them at work:

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