Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Decent Electronica

This post is more along the lines of indie electronica/IDM rather than bangin techno (which I also enjoy). Just a few old jams that I really like, starting with this Junior Boys track:

Parallel Lines - Junior Boys (REMOVED)

I really do need to get this album (Begone Dull Care). First came across this baby on Garth Trinidad's show on KCRW. Weeknights from 8pm-10pm on FM89.9 in Santa Monica. Probably one of the best shows for independent electronic music and all around good shit. I listen as often as I can, you should too; he's one of most brilliant DJ's out there, not in terms of technical skill on turntables but in terms of taste and just how he thinks about his job. He has such an awesome philosophy and love for music, and he's responsible for breaking through such badass acts as Gnarls Barkley and Jill Scott, among others. Listen to his show, it'll make you a better person. Seriously.

Next is a Little Dragon track, remixed by an awesome producer known as Floating Points. I love this song, it's so relaxing and soulful:

After The Rain (Floating Points Remix) – Little Dragon

I've gotta look into more Little Dragon (and Floating Points too now that I think about it); the tracks featuring them on the new Gorillaz album (Plastic Beach) are some of my faves. I'll be posting a late review of that album at some point.

And finally, a track by James Figurine, also known as Jimmy Tamborello/Dntel/the member of The Postal Service that's NOT Ben Gibbard:

Other99 – James Figurine

From an album of covers he posted a while back for free. Good stuff from a really great, well-established producer (though you have to have a certain "Indie Tolerance Level" to appreciate his singing voice....I think it works fine)

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