Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alex B Legit

Currently zooming around the blogosphere is this track by Mr. Alex B, a funky, glitchy, 8-bit-tastic piece of glorious beat music that leaves you wanting more than the 2:13 it gives you. Great synths, a godly boom-kat, bouncy bass, and awesome layered production to boot.

You And I Both Know – Alex B

His record Moments drops April 6 on Elm And Oak, the multi-purpose music/graphics/merch label he runs, and I’m seriously considering getting it simply on the basis of this one track.


NB: Above track mixes incredibly well with this B-Legit instrumental. They have literally the same melodic line (bya-da-da-da-duh) at the exact same time, it's so great:

Blocked 4 Life – B-Legit

God I love this beat. It’s the music used in this pop-off between an old hip-hop teacher of mine (Miss Funk) and some other talented guy who calls himself Jet Li. Pretty badass:

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