Monday, April 25, 2011

The Future Is Technicolor (Rich Aucoin, Terror Pigeon, Stepdad)

So this past weekend included what might be the pinnacle of all Fridays, ever (hence Rebecca^). Namely because my little, middle-of-nowhere Ohio college town was blessed by the presence of three giants: Rich Aucoin, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, and Gobble Gobble. If you've ever seen even one of these bands live, you'll know that all three of them playing on the same night wasn't just cathartic, it was borderline orgasmic.

If you read this blog, you already should know who Gobble Gobble is, and if you don't then would you kindly go and get all of their music for free? Oh yeah. They put it all on mediafire JUST FOR YOU. They are, in fact, that awesome.

On to the other folks:

Rich Aucoin is an electro-pop artist from Canada, and he's got a hell of a live show. It's interactive, energetic, and millennial-friendly: almost every song starts with a remixed or otherwise chopped-and-screwed viral YouTube video (Bed Intruder, Goat Talks Like A Man, etc.). It doesn't hurt that the man utterly SHREDS on that microkorg (and the vocoder!!!). I'm always impressed by live electronica acts that manage to achieve that perfect balance between energetic stage presence, singing, and actual technical skill. Seriously. He can do this vocoder melody, LIVE, fucking PERFECTLY:

PUSH - Rich Aucoin

Next up was The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, who absolutely killed. If Aucoin's set was interactive, theirs was borderline communal: frontman Neil Fridd invited everyone to put on a costume, and the singalongs were beautifully effortless. I didn't see him step out of the crowd once, he was so perfectly engaged the whole time. Left me singing the chorus to this song over and over again for the next three days...

[ride friendship.] by theterrorpigeon

Grab their album on David Byrne's (!!!!) label, Luaka Bop. Costs money but meh. So does food. And you can't live without that shit.

Then Gobble Gobble played, and fucking murdered as usual. But (for the aforementioned reason of posting too much about them on this blog) in their place I'm going to introduce a group that actually played with them on this tour, though at another show:

Stepdad is, to follow the theme we've got going here, a colorful, talented, and EPIC synthpop group with a taste for epilepsy-inducing myspace pages (see Gbl's for comparison, or Terror Pigeon's). They have an EP out called Ordinaire, and it only costs $1, though you can pay more if you like! Their debut album, Wildlife Pop (due out this May), is being produced by Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Les Savy Fav), which gains them automatic awesome points in my book. This is a video for the single "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails:"

Not only is this an incredibly epic video, the song itself is infectiously catchy. Grab it for free, courtesy of the band:

My Leather, My Fur, My Nails - Stepdad

This shit will get stuck in your head. Go get their EP, $1 is fuckin nothing for 8 awesome songs!!

Again: if you get ANY chance to see just ONE of these bands live, DO IT. Most life-changing, incredible live shows I've ever been to (Stepdad excepted, since I've never seen them. but they're probably awesome!)

Lobster out.

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