Sunday, November 13, 2011


Just decided to throw together a little post of where I've been at recently, vibe-wise. Gotta maintain some semblance of activity on this blog, right?


Unison - Bjork

From 2001's Vespertine. Yeah, Bjork's weird as all hell, but she's also proven one of the most creative, imaginative artists of the 21st century and a pioneer of personal and emotional electronic music. Read up on this lady; her influence permeates everything you love, from Baths to Radiohead.

Beck - Get Real Paid

From an underrated 1999 LP called Midnite Vultures. I consistently rank Beck among my absolute favorite musicians of all time. He pretty much just does what he wants (like make an album of soul and R&B experiments right on the heels of a folky one, right on the heels of one produced by the Dust Brothers...), and IT'S ALWAYS GOOD. Like here, he somehow managed to turn Kraftwerk-y techno-pop into some weird funked-out gangsta shit. If that doesn't constitute an astronomical level of swag, I don't know what does.

Seasons (Purpp Cobain Lean House Edit) - Six Foe

Lean House is basically chopped and screwed house music. Real chilled out, slowed-down vibes for those winter nights spent sipping lean and zonin'. Check out a mix of the stuff HERE.

Keeping It Moving - A Tribe Called Quest

A jam from the masters. Tribe can do no wrong, especially when the man behind the decks is none other than the legendary J. Dilla. This beat breaks necks.

No Day Massacare - Mr. Oizo

A cut from Analog Worms Attack, another example of why 1999 was cooler than you. While this track is actually far from monophonic **pushes glasses up nose**, it still packs quite a dark, funky wallop. Patkins will like this. Copped from Apes With Barrels, who love Oizo with all their hearts.

g r n b a n a n a s - Zeroh

Our favorite MC tearing up some FlyamSam shit. Can't wait for this cat to put more shit out, he's got some serious lyrical talent.

Lobster out.

Zeroh - Natalie Portman

...and apparently he does shit like this now. I can dig it.

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