Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cause I Feel Like It ##

its wintry and gross outside (pic above is my unartistic attempt at the view from my dorm window). Naturally, all i want to do is stay inside, not do homework for my classes later today, play good music and drink tea from a french press... not that i am trying to make myself sound like a hipster. this isn't a tumblr. anyway, this is installation #3 (or ##) of my series of obscenely eclectic posts. Tracks are broken down by category, with zips at both ends for those of you that have trouble finding them.

Beat Music
Thanks, XLR8R!

Indie Rock/Folk
First Aid Kit are a sister-sister folk duo from sweden (why does sweden produce the best folk music ever? cf tallest man on earth). They became quickly popular with their rendition of the Fleet Foxes song Tiger Mountain Peasant song on YouTube, but they are talented far far beyond just a cover. Very talented. And a family band! (+15 patkins points)
Hard Believer - First Aid Kit (Removed)

Akron/Family. I don't know enough about them, besides the fact that they are from NYC/Seattle and are really awesome experimental indie rockers. Well, i guess i know enough. they have a new album released Feb 8th, this track included. Definitely a nice, open, backbeat-heavy rock jam.

Mumford and Sons - Like the Fleet Foxes, but more like rain coming down than flurries swirling outside your window. I think that is a very accurate simile. 

For emma. also from their new album.

Dubstep/Electro Coda
Yep. This is absolutely epic. My roomie had no idea what was coming. Shout out to Apes With Barrels. I don't know where they find these things.

Very Caspa-y. Excellently minimal buildup (which would make it really easy to drop into a set, just saying). the rest of the song is straight up caspa. thats the only word i have to describe it.

Langosta shared this with us on Facebook and labelled it "JAM", but failed to share it on the blog. So here it is. Its not dubstep - its electro house. the hook gets you within the first 5 seconds of the song. definitely "JAM".

enjoy this music as much as i have been



  1. wow. reasons you are hipster scum:

    2) discontinuity of text alignment in this post (and probably more to come)
    3) you love indie-folk bands with some sort of familial relation between principal members
    4) you also love indie bands that merely *appear* to have some sort of familial relation between principal members (cf. Akron/family, Mumford and Sons)

    But awesome post. We really do have the most absurd music taste...

  2. i'm glad you fell for the tumblr link hahahah

    and yes, we do have absurd taste, and yes, i like this text alignment.