Monday, February 7, 2011

Cause I Feel Like It #$

if you haven't inferred from our AWESEOM MIXES, El Langosta (pictured) and I dj. 
we will dj your party!

hi there. i am avoiding my homework.

Canblaster - Clockworks
SO GOOD. Canblaster is someone to watch. Get this for sure.

Wobble (Original Mix) - Albin Myers
Prog meets fidget house. insane. thanks apes with barrels

Pop Remixes

Eh, okay. Nice shotgun sample

Party And Bullshit (In the USA Remix) - Miley Cyrus vs Notorious BIG
GET THIS if you don't have it already. play it at parties, people will be your friend

I've already posted this but think it needs to be posted again - Alex B goes apeshit on Kanye W

These guys, from LA, are pretty much their own genre. Describing Nguzunguzu's sound is about as easy as saying their name (its not). Suffice to say it is clubby, hot, tropical, heavy electro. Its very odd in many ways and you need to be in the mood for it.. but they are fascinating. Watch out for them for SURE (along with Canblaster).

Bonus Tracks
Walking With A Ghost (Tegan And Sara Cover) - The White Stripes (Removed)
Now that they broke up we have to celebrate them!

Avantcore - Busdriver (Removed)
This is mostly here for El Langosta, because we both love indie rap. Busdriver is a member of the Nobody/Nocando cadre. that means its awesome. i mean, the track in this is essentially a piano jig with clever and light lyrics on top. loveeeeeeee


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