Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/23/12 Wavelength of the Moment: Dat New Jonwayne Tape

dude always manages to run the album art game

Folks have been sleepin on the wayniac for too long. But I get the feeling from his recent signing to Stones Throw, not to mention some shows at SXSW a few weeks ago, that this cat's going places. And man oh man am I down to follow.

Dope producer, dope MC, and with a killer live show to boot. Check our previous posts on the man's work here, and get ready for dem Stones Throw releases...

And finally, you may grab his new rap tape, just released this week, for free HERE:

jonwayne - this is false (rap mixtape)

Make sure to support the man's music if you dig. I'm only ever too glad to.

Godspeed – and our sincere apologies for the slow pace this year. We still love you.

<3 El Langosta

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