Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Matthewdavid - Jewelry

Matthewdavid has gone and released a FREE mix tape of remixes and flips. Although i (embarrassingly?) don't know the originals, these 8 tracks are definitely some bling for your ears. Matthewdavid seems pretty on point here; each of the the tracks is relatively short and very concise, which prevents you from getting lost in his layered textures and losing a sense of direction in these beats. Theres also a ton of bass (no surprises)... oh yeah and its FREE.

Download Jewelry HERE
(Leaving Records)

01. Gold Rope (Stones flip)
02. Bracelet (Radiance flip)

03. Grill (frosty’s interview tape)

04. Locket (Chi flip)

05. Rolex (RFTW flip)

06. Pendant (Remix for Dynoo)

07. Medallion (Remix for Princeton) 

08. Diamond Ring (Deele flip)

Sorry we haven't been on the ball as much - college, y'know. But both El Langosta and I have some pretty sick things lined up for y'all, so stick around.


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