Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Long Lost

The Long Lost is L.A. experimental beat-god (and Victorian Era enthusiast) Daedelus aka Alfred Darlington and his wife, Laura Darlington, who you may recognize from one or two Flying Lotus tracks (Infinitum and Table Tennis, I believe) that she sang on. Together they make romantic indie-pop jams, COMPLETELY on another level from the usual Daedelus, but still with the really high-quality production you'd expect from him. Gonna buy their album as soon as I buy the next three on my list (Plastic Beach, Moments. In the meantime, I'm listening to these:

-Their podcast for XLR8R last year (mostly not their material, but an AMAZING batch of songs nonetheless)

-Sibilance - The Long Lost (right-click/save as)
If you've ever taken a Latin poetry class, your ear has probably been trained to detect alliteration as much as mine. That having been said, let's just say the title plays a lot into this song, in a clever kind of way. Cool song, very math-y, and in a good way. Nice vocal counterpoint on Daedelus' point as well, love what he's singing.

-Woebegone (Flying Lotus' Luckiest Charm) - The Long Lost (right-click/save as)
A gem of a remix from the ever-reliable Flying Lotus, this track was actually recommended to me by Daedelus himself when I chatted with him briefly at a show last week. That's what inspired me to check out the Long Lost in the first place. Great Bossa Nova feel to this one.

-Woebegone (Fly Lo's Like Woe) - The Long Lost (right-click/save as)
Hey, another Flying Lotus remix! The last one was more chill, but this one is way more funky and typical Flylo. Those synths are identical to the thick-as-fuck ones he used in Computer Being (on Cosmogramma). Good stuff!!


-Don't Stop - Onra
Onra is a fucking AMAZING French post-funk/future-funk/boogie producer. BUY HIS ALBUM IT'S FUNKY AS SHIATTT

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