Thursday, June 3, 2010

Remix Artist Collective

So I was in my friend's car yesterday, listening to awesome music, when he showed me some tracks by the Remix Artist Collective, specifically their remixes of Bloc Party. I already had one of their tracks (a neat remix of Robyn's "Cobrastyle"), but I knew nothing about them. Well, now that I've utterly raided their site (they give ALL their stuff away for free!), I can safely say that these guys make some of the most fucking awesome remixes I've heard in a while. It all has this very electro feel to it, but they use live instruments in the mix, and they pretty much totally reinvent the songs, rather than just making a track in ableton and using just the vocals. Really great stuff, check it out.
My personal recommendations:

Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix) - The Shins
God this is amazing...they literally remake the song, and it's just as fucking awesome as the original, which incidentally happens to be one of my favorites. They add this really awesome guitar part, proves my point from earlier that they have real talent.

RAC Vol. 1
With those Bloc Party remixes I mentioned earlier. But it's all good

Nintendo VS Sega EP

Again, it's all free on their site, to listen and to download, so go go go go go and appreciate that shiat!!

...just go to dublab and download this. now. it's really weird but I fucking love it. It's like psychadelic dubby beat music...with weird-ass vocal samples drowning in reverb...I really like this...

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