Friday, August 20, 2010

Bangin around in Ma Head

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anywæ, here are a few of the tracks that have been bouncing around in my head lately and that have been trashing my stereos with dey fat beets or helpless indie-ness.
Segregated by Genre:

Electro House:
Fidget house returns? Not quite, but this is an awesome, synth-heavy fidgety epically awesome pop remix. So good.

This came out a whilleeee ago but i rediscovered it and man is it good. A bummer of an intro, but the drop makes you want to go hijack a wolf and ride it up a mountain, Princess Mononoke style.

I love this. if nausea had a sound and it was set to a 70 bpm beat, this would be it. much much better than the original version.

The Darlingtons:
I love these people. As already mentioned, the Long Lost are Daedelus and his wife on an indie, multi-instrumental, acoustic electro journey. This song is one of the lighter ones off their ep but the rest of it is absolutely rich and beautiful anyway. But, just listen to this. i like it, a lot. (i identify with the lyrics, too)

I love this man. El Langosta and I saw him play at Low End Theory last wednesday and it was awesome, and now im in love with him. This track is pretty characteristic of some of his style, very all-over but an interesting listen.



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