Monday, September 27, 2010

monday musings

this is kind of how i feel. i just finished 80 pages of Jane Eyre, its grey and wet outside and im hungry. so naturally i decided i should do a blog post before dinner. ANYWAY
here's another random batch of tracks i've found.

Two, however, are of serious note: Glasser has been floating around on the blogosphere for a while, but her debut album Ring comes out tomorrow and i felt i should warn you before i get too obsessed. Her music balances the sparse and the lush with creative percussion and really pretty vocals. She's playing in Boston on October 2 (!) and i fully INtend to ATtend. Besides those two the tracks have notes.

Listen, BUY (GLASSER!), and enjoy

Plane Temp - Glasser (REMOVED)


You've Got The Love (xx Remix) - Florence + The Machine
Very very xx-y, sparse but very interesting and fun/relaxing/good. creative sampling of the original, but redone harmony in marimba... I LOVE THIS

Hello (Original Mix) - Martin Solveig ft Dragonette
Pretty much straight up house from Martin Solveig. I love Martin Solveig and this song... happy house!

Beat Boy - Die Antwoord
I don't really know how to describe this. It would be awesome in a live mix, sweet bass. Essentially rap but... but still. Its just too obnoxious. Check it out.

happy hunting


***LANGOSTA EDIT: all links removed but it's all good music...and at least you get this nifty patch!***

bonus: patch i made while procrastinating. fun stuff
Patch - DJmus*

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  1. i lurvee all dem postz... but dis sheet cud b mah faborite yet.

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