Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/10 Wavelength of the Moment: AshTreJinkins

The kick drum in this song could shatter skulls. Seriously. Ugh. Disgustingly good.

CaveDwellers - Ashtrejinkins

May I reiterate that the dude is seventeen. SEVEN-FUCKIN-TEEN. And he pumps out beat after beat, all original and brilliant...including two of my favorite 0. tracks. Lots of fire on his Soundcloud, as well as a free (and AWESOME) EP at his Bandcamp. We've posted on him before, here, here, and here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

((P.S. Because patkins is working simultaneously on two college degrees (the overachieving fuck), it looks like the blog is now shamelessly mine. So I'll put up some "real" posts soon, I've been doing these mini ones as sort of a courtesy to my fellow sea creature, but he's all BUSY and shit, so WHATEVER.))

(( pax, bitches ))

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