Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Because Patkins is lazy/has a girlfriend

I'm just going to keep posting until he breaks the monotony. This shit is by 0. (or "zeroh"). I've posted on him before. Aside from having one of the most raw, complex, intellectual flows I've ever heard from an MC, he happens to be a great experimental/electronic beat music producer as well. Very left-field, but it complements the flow quite nicely.

I think this is an earlier release of his, from 2009 I think. More of a clear hip-hop influence in the production, but that probably stems from half the tracks having other producers on them. Not like the more electronic, self-produced stuff from the ennui beattapes he did for WEDIDIT (see my previous post if you want em).

Sound 0 - 0.

And this is the latest thing he's posted on his Tumblr page (he puts tracks up all the time), a collab with the more ladylike MC Chels, who also spits fire here. Fantastic track.

SolPlane - 0.


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