Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Various Things to Post (RANDOM BATCH OF AWESOME)

First off, let's start with this new track deadmau5 posted on his soundcloud:

everything you are by fuckmylife

Oh yeah. That's right. No drums, no percussion, nothing but pure unadulterated chord and modular synth heaven. Makes me respect the man more than I already did, because as far as dance producers go, he's by far one of my favorites. He has a reputation for being an enormous tool, and I can see why, but I still respect him because: a) he makes awesome music, b) he actually makes a clear effort to interact with his fans even though he's one of the most popular producers out there, and c) he got his start as an honest-to-god technology geek writing software and introducing recording studios to computers, and I feel like this humbles him somewhat more than the guys who just learned ableton on their laptops and got lucky (though that applies to plenty of producers, good and bad). You can see it in interviews, and in his work, quite honestly; he's all about the music, notsomuch the fame and douchiness that accompanies it.

And besides, he is part of the Holy Trinity of Dance Music, according to the Apes With Barrels crew. And their word is law.

Next is this song, which peter failed to include in his 30's/40's music post but it really belongs there, seeing as it was the Andrews Sisters' biggest hit, if I'm not mistaken. I just know it from Bioshock, though, and lord knows I love my Bioshock.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen - The Andrews Sisters
Yeah, I was surprised too when I thought they were singing "My Dear Mister Shane."

And this is a fantastic electro track, a remix of Kavinsky by American DJs The Chaotic Good. Not only is this a quality dance track of brick-shitting proportions (think intense distorted 8-bit chords + vocoders + fat effin bass), I think their name is a reference to Dungeons & Dragons, which gains them a LOT of points in my book. Also from Apes With Barrels; anybody interested in dance music should read that blog, and take sweet sweet advantage of their archives.

Nightfall (The Chaotic Good Remix) - Kavinsky

BONUS: Grand Canyon - Kavinsky
some more Kavinsky because he's awesome (cf. the snythz and drumz)

~ ~ ~

Yeah, that's all for now. Patkins is lazy, but he SHOULD have a post up on some neat submissions we received lately...PEACE

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