Wednesday, July 28, 2010

trail of CRUMBS

im back, after a long hiatus/el langosta raping this blog with various things. sorry, my gf flew all the way from los angeles to MAINE to visit me, so i was a bit occupied. SO ANYWAY we got our FIRST SUBMISSION EVER earlier this month. an australian guy that goes by CRUMBS, who linked us to his bandcamp page. He has two releases, both posted for FREE up there, so go check it out.

After listening to both of them, i really appreciate his stuff. you should download this and, as langosta would say, show the man some love. his beats are interesting, syncopated, and laced with bomb synths and hooks. and plus he has awesome track titles. theres nothing not to love here, and there are two full EPs of goodness.

(its free)

Special Bonus:

Off their latest (free) EP, available on their website

Check ya later


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