Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Post Including, But Not Limited To, Dirty Electro

So after discovering Skrillex (debut EP available for FREE - COP IT) my interest in dirty electro was revitalized and I became inspired to make a post of some of my accumulated tunes.

Skrillex, by the way, is awesome - he reminds me of the Bloody Beetroots et al. in terms of his ferocious use of noise and ripping synths but he takes it to an awesome extreme and its well produced and executed. I'm really excited to see him in August along with Wolfgang Gartner (aka the Second Coming of Christ), Harvard Bass and Valerna at the Avalon.

So fucking epic. The best remix of this I have ever heard.

Yes, his name is Skrillex, And yes he's going to kick your ass with a steel-toed boot with rusty nails poking out of it.

Gets a little wearing after a while but is definitely fun for the first couple minutes. Would be interesting to mix with the original.

Vicious and vivacious from 0:01.

Unfortunately haven't heard anything else out of Loose Cannons yet.. but I like the random intro and the somewhat Miles Dyson-ness of this track.

Because everybody loves the Bloody Beetroots, including me for this track. A bit old, but good.

I said this post included but was NOT LIMITED TO Dirty Electro. So here are two things I have had banging around in my head recently, mostly relating to Top 40 that has been cleverly redone.

Gartner does SoShy so well. Awesome track.

This is just epic. Just. Listen to this. Works better than you think. Just. Ahhh.
(i know, im articulate.)


~ ~ ~


I do realize that I just posted something that involves ke$ha. In order to redeem my dignity, I present to you the other half of that mashup, quite possibly one of our favorite dance tracks ever. In case you DON'T want a trashed slut babbling over your progressive house.

Hello Seattle (Owl City Remix) - Owl City


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