Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, LEND ME YOUR BANDWIDTH TOO!!

hokay, so
El lobster invited me to collab with him on his blog and bring in some of my own tastes (he calls me the other half - of DJMUS. im *, hes ∆. or you could say hes the indie and im the afterthought. whatever strikes your fancy).

this is excellent, because i love collab-ing with this guy. so anyway, im going to do my best to add to the medley and expand the sphere of possible musing.


first up: four tracks, all sort of along the same tune but each good, stylistically independent and kind of a takeoff.

LA indie band. saw them open for the guy below this, fell in love.

absolutely incredible [solo] folk stuff. in a live show he introduced this as a song about killing people.

These guys already get plenty of credit (played coachella '10) but im just now discovering...

SUPER indie - these guys hail from north haven, maine. a folk rock quartet thing, they are dynamos live and are coming to la JULY 21!

ps in retrospect i think the only thing that relates all four of these songs is banjo. and tallest man isn't even using banjo in that song. w/e

more later


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