Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend Randomness

WHAT UP. Here's a various assortment of songs and genres that I wanna share, just in time for the weekend.

Hyphy. Just, hyphy. Really catchy and fun.

Dutch house. El Langosta hates dutch house, but this is another really catchy and fun one.. and it samples mariachi. I mean. its epic.

This is awesome. its like someone took Elmer Fudd rabbit hunting in a Gundam suit. Yes.

Awesome intro, awesome drop, very very good dubstep. Reminds me of Flux Pavilion.

I've posted this already but I'm posting it again. If a hangover personified itself in dubstep, this would be the result.

This came out a couple months ago with the release of Rubber. Classic FlyLo, but I haven't seen it posted anywhere. Anyway. A lot of playing with downbeats. Very Cosmogramma-y

One of my favorite beat producers of the moment. This is from his Magnificent Mistakes EP which you can download free. 

eLan + 0. fat beat, dark sounds.

And theres a zip!

listen and love it


  1. sickkkkk
    -from Germany

  2. wow great job! already sent this to a friend, will send to more. thanks for the heads up pete