Saturday, September 18, 2010

New FlyLo EP Next Week! (+Ultragamma)



But in all seriousness, this is a good thing for mankind. He's saying that the Pattern + Grid World EP is more of a return to the beat-oriented side of his music, as opposed to the deeper, more conceptual direction he took on Cosmogramma. Which we love. But after that cosmic journey through the universe, I'm excited to see what those beats are going to sound like. Also, who can argue with these track names??

1. Clay
2. Kill Your Co-Workers
3. PieFace
4. Time Vampires
5. Jurassic Notion/M Theory
6. Camera Day
7. Physics For Everyone!

Love. Here's the leaked song, I like it a lot. Sweet bass riff.

Flying Lotus - Camera Day (taken from Pattern+Grid World) by Warp Records

And here's "Time Vampires," from his myspace page. I like it better:

Though the second half is another song from his myspace, "Meeting the Prez," that I also like but isn't on the EP. FYI.

~ ~ ~

On another note: this is Ultragamma (not Cosmogamma LOL), and he is AWESOME. You can read a 92bpm post on him, and/or download a mix he did.

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