Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Altered Zones is a mega-blog of sorts. According to their about page, it acts as an international conglomerate of 15 different music sites/blogs/labels, with an emphasis on "the proliferation of home-recorded sounds, small-scale releases, and pockets of underground activity all over the world." Notable contributors (i.e. you may have heard of them) include:

~ Gorilla Vs. Bear ~

~ Yours Truly ~

~ International Tapes ~

~ Get Off The Coast ~

In short: vibes galore. Such an incredible spectrum of music. ((disclaimer:)) I'm recommending these guys with the caveat that I download only maybe 50% of what they post; much of it isn't all that accessible (to me, at least). However, there are really some wonderful gems on there, so here's some stuff to preview before you zip over and CHECK EM OUT...maybe bookmark them if you're looking for a new blog to read. They post TONS of stuff.


Heart Attack Kid - Bass Drum of Death

Distorted garage rock from a band with the coolest name ever, Bass Drum of Death. Badass song with great vibes, kinda like a pissed off/indie-punk take on surf rock.

I'm Gonna Try - Shimmering Stars

More indie stuff, this time it's 50's pop drowned in reverb, with lyrics like "walking down the street/I wanna kill everyone I see." Love this song. Shimmering Stars ftw.

Wind Stone - Sumsun

Sumsun is a name I need to check out. He's on matthewdavid's Leaving Records label, and unsurprisingly the two seem to share a lot of similarities. But this track has a sort of funky, tropical brightness that distinguishes his sound. There's a lot of noise for your ears to sift through in this track, but if you're patient it's quite a rewarding listen...and once the beat comes in you should be sold. Really cool beat/experimental stuff.

So Clear - Yanqui

This is really neat. Radiohead-esque indie jam, but with with retro drum machines and synths. Great song, check out their free EP HERE.

Round & Round (Little Loud Remix) - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Synthpop, kinda chillwavey but with a wicked 80's beat and a super happy/poppy vibe...wait, chillwave already has that...GOD DAMMIT, IT'S CHILLWAVE. BUT IT'S STILL GREAT. Blast this and dance with a smile on your face.

no zip cuz my internet sucks at home. but yay for finals being over!

lobster out!

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