Wednesday, December 1, 2010



"Hip-hop is alive and well, and Flying Lotus is a big reason why. Of all of the records I heard in 2010, none took as many chances, or broke as many conventions, asCosmogramma. Listen to "Do the Astral Plane": Driven by a looping bass riff, the piece uses samples to not only add texture to the beat, but also provide focal points for the listener. Throughout Cosmogramma, Flying Lotus stretches the palette from which most beat makers work, fitting jazz and dub-step into unconventional nooks and crannies. By leading with synths, saxes, harps and strings, he's moving focus from the MC to the beat maker. Hip-hop is moving in many directions, but it's safe say that Cosmogramma offers a glimpse into the genre's future by championing a sound that celebrates its founder, the DJ." (Sami Yenigun)


Hootenanny - Cepia
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  1. ahahaha that's such an "NPR" review. but still, AWESOME!!

  2. i know! They still failed to acknowledge what cosmogramma is as a slightly different genre from just hip-hop (im thinking beats) but its nice to see that they are still kept together (as they should be)

    its very eloquent

  3. Yeah, genre-nitpicking aside, it's a big deal for monsieur Lotus & co