Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joy Orbison - Joyous Orbit Sounds

its 7:49, and J.O. is NOT pleased with dis bitch in his bathroom.
Okay, i don't know where that post title came from. Mostly me being tired and attempting to be clever. Anyway, we have talked about this Joy Orbison guy before, but not enough. True name: Peter O'Grady. He apparently started DJing at 13, and started building tracks with Fruity Loops. Now what he produces is 'a mixture of dubstep, jungle, funky, garage, and house.' To me, this is tech-y house with epic bass, minimalistic but catchy loops, and very infectious beats. That said, there are clear influences from dubstep, funky and even beat music. I want to call it Bass House (but when will we actually need another genre?). Listen to these songs – you will be dancing before you even know why. Just be sure to bust out the good speakers because that low end... seriously, its low. All these tracks are SEX.

I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix) - Todd Edwards (SEX)
Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) - Four Tet (SEX - it drops, it drops. you'll know)
Wet Look - Joy Orbison (SEX - sounds like Mux Mool behind a speedboat)
BRKLN CLLN - Joy Orbison (SEX - this has the greatest bassline evar that you won't be able to hear without good frequency response)
The Shrew Might Have Cushioned The Blow - Joy Orbison (SEX - The TITLE)
Hyph Mngo (Original Mix) - Joy Orbison

Orbison, Zipped

i like the bass, but i digress.

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