Monday, November 29, 2010

3x gbl gbl + beats + awesome bonus

STOP. NO. CALM DOWN. this is NOT turning into a hipster photo blog. its still a music blog run by two dudes with awkward sensibilities. i just couldn't find anything to put up to catch your eye so i gave you a pic of mine. anyway, heres some stuff fo choo. the three gobble gobble tracks are all different.. just goes to show that they do all sorts of stuff. (if you haven't figured that out yet.. well.. you haven't been paying much attention to them)

Hey, in place of a third track, how about their entire discography? (yeah, that's right. they put it online, for free, by choice. they're that awesome. go check it out) -El Langosta

Rabbits - Betas (note that 'betas' is an anagram of 'beats' i like it though)

Garden (Jesse Ross Remix) - TEED (a teed remix? hmmm. interesting)

this is what precipitated this post.. this is really cool. preserves the original feel of the song while brightening it up a bit. Remix Artist Collective is something you should really check out if you enjoy indie music, electronica, and/or indie electronica. which should be all of you. (langosta, they have bloc party and kele remixes too..)

enjoy the end of your november

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