Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11/24/10 Wavelength of the Moment: NEW L.E.T. PODCAST!!!

On yet another Low End Theory-related note, their monthly podcast is up!! Featuring mixes by L.E.T. resident DJ Nobody (my favorite of that crew, whose production work with Bomb Zombies you can check out HERE), and the up-and-coming wunderkind producer/MC jonwayne. This is one of those "no excuses" posts. Especially if you want a crash-course in what the L.A. beat scene is all about.

Or if you're just feeling particularly dark, heavy, and otherworldly today. :D

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[[or just click it if you prefer to stream it]]

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Also, to my exuberant joy, I get to actually go to Low End tonight, since I'm back home for break. Patkins is burning with jealousy. Review to follow (because two posts tagged "Low End Theory" in a row is not nearly enough)

Lobster out.

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