Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Los Angeles, St. Paul, London. Beats. CC's 100th Post

If you pay much attention, you can feel the beat [scene exploding]. Here is a new Shlohmo track, plus some stuff from up and coming acts/people you probably didn't know about... enjoy! I know El Langosta will.

Feels like you are in a cave, dripping with water, with an indie band at the very back of it playing. One of CC's favorite indie bands, I might add. Ethereal processing and shlohmo's characteristic staccato synth lines... awesome.

I don't know anything about this guy (mostly because i failed to do any research), but this is really cool. Awesome percussion and groove, with 'motivational' samples throughout... really cool. I play this a lot.

This guy is signed to Ghostly International Records (Gold Panda, Shigeto, Mux Mool).. so you know he keeps good company. He is relatively unknown (a recent addition to the label), but his Shigeto/Mike Slott-like atmospherics sound pretty nice.

Another up-and comer.. Dibiase is from LA as well (El Langosta posted video of him spinning with Zeroh a few posts back). This track is very rap track-y.. in fact, i think he may have even played it in that set i parenthetically mentioned. Anyway, worth checking out.

This guy is from London. He's awesome. Besides the fact that anything with the word 'fox' in its title makes me happy, Fantastic Mr. Fox makes more forward things (think Flying Lotus' Do The Astral Plane more than, say, Matthewdavid or Shigeto). Anyway, i think this is a bunch of clips off of one of his singles.. i really can't find much from him. It's all buried in shit related to some stupid movie... 

Everything collected in a folder: Beats + Hobbits


Further proof that 8 Bit lives, and that so does Lord of the Rings. lol.

100th POST

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