Thursday, November 4, 2010

Batch of the Absurd

Yeah, this was one of those "god I love these fucking can I get them all on the blog without cluttering up the main page with a ton of insignificant little posts?" sort of things. So here you go. dadadadadadadadadadadadadada

Light #1 (Take Remix) - Nosaj Thing

This is like if Jupiter remixed Saturn (i.e. it's of planetary proportions). We here at Crustacean Cognition love both of these men very much, being the two giants of the L.A. beat scene that they are, and this track lives up to my expectations. Incredible drum work by Take, as usual...but the synths, the chopping of Nosaj Thing's original elements, and everything else is just as fantastic.

Clockwork (Valerna Remix) - Juelz Santana

Valerna kicks ass. Electro at its finest, such an awesome bass.

Sasha Don't Sleep (Pance Party Remix) - The Dance Party

Takes elements of progressive house (i.e. chords) and electro house (i.e. bass) and fuses them seamlessly into THIS fucking track. Makes me want more Pance Party.

Hardtack (Original Mix) - Pance Party & Valerna

A collab?! Seriously?! FUCK YEAH!! This kills so hard.

Sparc (Original Mix) - ThreeSixty, Jay Ferro

That's right. Mother. Fucking. Techno. No, not "techno" as in "generic term for dance music." Real techno. The cold, ominous, minimal sort of techno with all the weird noises. The kind of techno that people call "too repetetive." Except it's really not, if you give it a chance and listen close enough. Grabbed these last four tracks from Apes With Barrels, who aside from being the foremost authority on hardcore electro bangers, also loooove their techno.

Hole in the Floor of the Plane - The Sparrows

And because this wouldn't be an absurd batch without at least one "WTF" track...this one's a jam by an indie/bluegrass band called The Sparrows. And it's banjo-centric. This is normally Peter's domain, I know, but my friend Marty showed me these guys recently and they're great.

"Sounds of Symmetry" Proton Drive Theme Song - Dntel

Beautiful work from mister Tamborello, as usual, done as a promo for dublab's ongoing fundraiser. If you read this blog and have money (fat chance), you should head over and donate, they do beautiful work over there. But in any case grab this tune. So good.

We hope you enjoy the divers tunes.

Beware the night poodles.

Lobster out.

~ ~ ~

BONUS [zip only]: grab the whole batch and we'll throw in a little minimix that patkins made to help me through a nightmare week. Sure, the support mix I made for him was a real mix, not a 5-minute one, and it had real dance music, not dubstep, but the thought was nice. Just kidding, it's boss. TURN YO SPEAKERS UP

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