Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Masters At Work

Stray Light (Bastille Remix) - Night Eyes - Free Download by Bastille

Oh yes. The Electro House Pirate Barons of Apes With Barrels, also known as Bastille, have made what I deem to be their best track to date. The intro is pretty simple, but the buildups are freaking cool and the DROPS (both of them) god, the drops. They masterfully combine the detuned high synth blips of their beloved Techno and Tech House with a dirty, dubstep-worthy bassline and a smashing Electro House beat. Really detailed, hard-hitting, and a fucking jam.

Hit their Soundcloud for moar freee trax.

Lobster Out. (for now...many posts in waiting to outdo Patkins)

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