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Music AND titties?! It's a good day for America, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh yes oh yes oh yes. If this post doesn't convince you to shell out a tenner, then I've failed to do my job....also it means you don't trust me. Which hopefully you should, seeing as we've been together for well over six months now...I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL, INTERNET!! *sobs*


We posted this track a while back. It's pretty fucking awesome. Listen to it while you read our review.
Bomb Zombies "FWUH (Fuckwhatchaheard)" by Hellfyre Club

For y'all who don't know, Bomb Zombies is undeniably the best collab since Lennon/McCartney. Low End Theory residents DJ Nobody + MC Nocando = Bomb Zombies (though Nobody raps on a couple tracks too). Best name ever (and the music lives up to it). Their debut, Sincerely Yours, just came out this week on Nocando's label Hellfyre Club, and it is freaking awesome.

Just as with our loves 0. and Jonwayne, the best and most appropriately pretentious way to describe Bomb Zombies would be "the future of rap." That means screwed-up beats pulled directly from Low-End-Theory-land and brilliant, innovative lyricism to go along with it. But Nobody and Nocando manage to bring something else: the fucking party.

This isn't just what happens when a great rapper laces beat-scene instrumentals. Nocando comes off as more playful here than on his debut, Jimmy The Lock, forgoing brilliantly-penned angst, threats, and rants for proclamations that "young, dumb and reckless is the modus operandi" and homages to chicks with bangs (no joke. bonus track is called "Bangs"). And this is hardly just a Nocando solo show: Nobody throws down on a couple of verses, letting loose such absurdly brilliant gems as "who's your daddy girl?/is he the shit like me?/I didn't think so, girl" and "she got bangs, bangs, she got bangs, bangs/rock her hair in her face like it ain't no thang" (the hook from aforementioned bonus track).

Nobody's production also seems to take itself a little less seriously without sacrificing quality. There are a lot of mainstream elements here that you'd expect to hear from KIIS FM, not Low End Theory: cheesy pitch-shifted hooks, kitschy drum sounds, and auto-tune up the wazoo. But he takes all these things that we usually groan to hear and twists them all in just the right way to make something really new-sounding and hard-hitting: yes, you've heard that drum sound or synth before, but here there's something deliciously off-kilter about the way he's strung the song together, and no song is left without a neck-breaking beat; yes, he turns the auto-tune knob to 11 on most of the hooks (and a good deal of Nocando's verses), but here it's a stylistic choice: it's like mad-scientist-does-Top-40.

And I'm not just pulling these analyses out of my ass. The two were listening to a lot of Drake and Lil Wayne while on a tour of Japan, when Nocando uttered the prophetic words, "We should do a whole project where we try to do these kind of songs." (from this interview)

And that's what I love most about this record: it's innovative and aesthetically pleasing, but it's undeniably a take on mainstream rap. It manages to simultaneously deliver heavy bass, crisp beats, sick raps, and pure unadulterated swag. You get your pop hip-hop fix without the unsavory aftertaste of crap lyrics and mainstream production. These are two fantastic artists getting together and just playing. And the result? A great album full of funky, catchy jams. So stop reading this and get out your credit card/debit card/paypal password.



I'll provide some teasers to sway you all over, but no downloading cuz the point of all this is to get you to buy the album. Yes, it's unauthorized, but if it convinces you to pay up, then I've done my job.

Payola - Bomb Zombies

Sick shit. Fits in nicely with the Top 40 radio theme I was playing around with.

Get 'Em - Bomb Zombies

This is them doing a sexy club banger. And while the hook definitely sounds like it came straight out of commercial rap ("get em high/get em low"), the verses aren't just a bunch of simplistic tripe about how "shawty got a body like oh-oh-ohhhh." No, instead we get Nocando lacing words together like no other, which (aside from managing to be actually sexy) actually redeems the relatively inane hook.

Bangs (Bonus Track) - Bomb Zombies

Yeah. I had to. So great.

You get the idea. Buy this album, you will NOT regret it. And if you choose not to/are morally against buying music for some reason, then you can probably find it on mediafire somewhere. The primary point here is that you should get this album.

Lobster out.



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