Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25/11 Wavelength of the Moment: DEEZ VIBEZ


I download a lot of music. So not all of it gets the listening attention it deserves, at least not immediately. But a select few of this past week's acquisitions managed to catch my ear, so here they are. Mostly chill/trip/downtempo electronica. Might try to make this "random batch" format a regular (weekly?) thing.

Paradise (3:33 Remix) - G-Side

Let's start with some atmospheric, impressively dark production work from 3:33. Best rap remix I've heard in a while.

An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds (Peaking Lights Vocal Remix) - Gold Panda

Man, do I love Gold Panda. He consistently puts out the most gorgeous, lush, beautiful productions. I've been listening to his album Lucky Shiner a lot lately. Peaking Lights throw in some reverb-washed vocals and dubbed-out experimental vibes on this stellar remix.

Luv Luv - Two Inch Punch

Got this gem from XLR8R, who got it from Two Inch Punch, who made it. #CAUSALITY

Still Sleeping ft. Steffaloo - Chrome Sparks

Chrome Sparks is the drummer for Stepdad, one of the most exciting synthpop acts around nowadays. He's also in the business of producing delicate, intricate electronic pop musics. Go grab his My <3 EP for FREE (though you can pay if you'd like), you won't regret it.

Video Games (Balam Acab Remix) - Lana Del Ray

Gorgeous remix by one of my new favorite producers, the Balam Acab. Ghostly vocals galore.

Waiter/The 5 Senses - Jeremih

D33J posted this to his facebook on a while back. Shameless boner jam, but it's got that tripped-out sex-in-space kind of vibe, which we here at CC are kind of into.


~ ~ BONUS ~ ~
nebula - dr.dr.

Unbeknownst to most of y'all, I occasionally try my hand at making music. Mostly psychedelic ambient stuff for the time being, but I'm working on more beat-oriented things nowadays (even the occasional trip-pop track). Give me a Listen / Like / Follow if you dig!


One of our favorite producers, Asura, just did an XLR8R podcast. You have no excuses.

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  1. is it me or do are most of our posts random batches to begin with