Monday, October 3, 2011

Low End Theory Podcast 20: D-Styles and TOKiMONSTA

You, if you are reading this blog, probably know about Low End Theory, the wednesday night club night at the Airliner in LA. Low End is pretty much universally acknowledged as the epicenter of the beat music scene and forward-thinking electronic music in general. And, if you know low end theory, you know that every so often, they put out a podcast. This is the closest you can come to immersing yourself in the very special Low End aesthetic without being there yourself on a packed, sweaty, bass-y, glorious wednesday night. the only thing missing is the tremendous array of subs... unless you have a tremendous array of subs to bump this shit on.

Podcast number 20: D-Styles and TOKiMONSTA. D-Styles' set takes up the majority of the podcast, and he frickin ROCKS this. The beats are choice of choice, including some Odd Future joints that he takes and drops in with Gucci Mane a capellas and all sorts of other things. Mono/Poly's in there, TOKi is in there, all manner of wubs and womps and booms.... D-Styles put together a woofer-rattling set that is pretty much mindblowing. TOKiMONSTA's set is shorter, but still packs a pretty serious punch. Somewhat more laid-back, TOKi's set includes (obviously) a lot of her own beats, which lends it a pretty specific sound thats hard to describe but complements D-Styles' set very nicely. 

The best part? ITS FREE, guys! Check the link below. Let D-Styles and TOKi blow your mind. Use good headphones or speakers, and let 'er rip. 

Low End Theory Podcast #20


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