Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11 Wavelength of the Moment: Nu Shlohmo Videoh

Shlohmo - Trapped In A Burning House (Official Video)

We have finally been granted an official video from one of our favorite albums of the year, Bad Vibes: a haunted, hallucinatory, Halloween-ready trip through the woods, directed and edited by the man himself: Henry Laufer, alias Shlohmo.

An unsettling enigma from beginning to end (not unlike its musical source material), this video does an excellent job of showcasing Laufer's tact in visual storytelling: nothing is explicated, no answers await the perplexed viewer when they reach the end of this dark journey – only elusive images of windows and silhouettes, like distant memories briefly flitting in and out of our consciousness as we are dragged through the dim forest...

You gotta check out Bad Vibes if you haven't heard it yet. Shlohmo's making some really beautiful sounds right now, and we can't wait for what comes next (dance music, apparently).

Go iTunes that shit.

Lobster out.

~ ~ ~ BONUS ~ ~ ~

Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent (New House Version) - Teebs

New Teebs track being passed around in honor of his upcoming release on Brainfeeder, Collections 01. On some real ethereal shit, gotta love what this dude does with samples.

And on a less exciting note, it's likely that I'll be reducing my posting to more like once a week from now until the new year...unfortunately (for you dear readers), I've been cast in a production of "Hamlet," and as one can imagine, rehearsing for that is gonna take up a shitton of my (previously free) time. So hopefully patkins will be able to pick up my copious slack. Though it's also possible that I'll still manage to post more than him.

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